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Beenies New Lover?

Saturday's picturesque moments of Barbee clutched in Beenie Man's arms and an arguably compromising whisper in her ears is perhaps the most damning episode in the Beenie and D'Angel saga.

It could not have been a pleasant sight for his wife, D'Angel, who spent the weekend at home taking care of little Marco-Dean. When contacted by THE STAR, D'Angel comments were more like instructions, directing all questions to her husband. Neither Beenie nor Barbee could be reached for a comment.

'Ask moses'

"You didn't see me, you saw him. Talk to Moses," D'Angel said. "I really don't know what's going on. You have to talk to Moses. He should know. Let him talk to the media and Jamaica," she added.

Beenie Man and then fianc?e D'Angel performing together at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest last year. - Claudine Housen

D'angel would not confirm or deny whether she and Beenie are still together. She was also not willing to discuss the last time she saw her husband. When asked, she simply replied, "Me a tek care a mi baby, mi nuh have nuh time fi deal wid this."

When Beenie performed at the Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest on Thursday, he called up Barbee to perform a song with him. Two nights later, he returned as a patron to the VIP section to let his hair down. Barbee was also present and together she and Beenie openly frolicked. But that left a bad taste in onlookers' mouths when he emerged front stage with Barbee, an artiste trying to make a name for herself and the featured singer in his latest video and song on his album Undisputed.

This sighting, which got the attention of many individuals in attendance at the event, comes a year after making a public appearance at the very same event with a then very pregnant D'Angel.

After having given a stellar performance on Thursday's Dancehall night, in which he 'bigged up' his wife, D'Angel, who he said would not be joining him at the event this year, The Doctor turned up on Saturday with Barbee.

Like a 'Ken' to a 'Barbie' doll, so did Barbee remain close to 'The Doctor' throughout the night, almost too close for just comfort. They danced closely together and whispered to each other in a very intimate fashion; the general consensus among the patrons at the event was that they were inappropriate.

"Him a disrespect D'Angel," said one irate patron. "No one should have to see that."

"I told you it is not his wife!" said another patron whose friend made enquiries about the identity of the girl from a member of the press. "It is a disgrace," she said. "His behaviour is inappropriate."

The night, altogether was a bizarre one for Beenie Man. After being called on stage to sing with Beres Hammond, Beenie later interrupted his set to ask that Beres hail up his wife. Beres after a little convincing said "OK Popeye. Hail up mi wife whoever that be."

Beenie signed autographs, took photos with fans, but he also spilled his Appleton on one patron, whispered in a few women's ears and danced with two. Beenie also confiscated THE STAR photographer's four-feet ladder and sat atop it while the woman leaned against him. He refused to give up the ladder, instead sitting there cuddling the woman standing between his legs.

Barbee was brought on stage during Beenie's set on Thursday to perform along with him, their song titled Give It Up. Seeing as he did the exact thing with his present wife last year we are all wondering, "Is she the new girl on the block?"

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