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Bounty Killer and a woman said to be his ex-girlfriend, ?Peaches? has hit the Jamaica entertainment gossip arena on newly release CD with the explicit conversation has become the much sought after item in the dancehall world this week. The CD which contains snippets of the what appeared to be the voice of the deejay in a heated conversation with a female featuring samples of at least three dancehall songs including the intro to Kartel?s Nuh Badda Try on the Tremor rhythm and Lady Saw?s If The Man Lef.

The CD begins with the Lady Saw song just before the voice of Peaches barks in anger:

?Dutty, stinking, suck pussy Bounty Killer, weh yuh a call me phone fah??

The voices then exchange insults in an expletive-stained, bitter conversation that lasts several minutes

At the end of the CD, Peaches voice says, ?every one ah yuh enemy ah get this, mi record that!?

Peaches who describes herself as a ?brown-skinned girl who looks like D?Angel. She said she was forced to record the conversation after Bounty Killer threatened her.

?It was an actual conversation, he was my man and him start gwaan like him no have no sense, ah talk ?bout him ah go kick off mi face and kick out mi teeth, so mi record him, and mi copy the threatening text dem to my computer and send it to all my friend dem phone,? she said.

Asked what was the source of the argument, she admitted:

?I was with Bounty, and now me deh wid Vybz Kartel.?

Asked why she used other people?s songs on the CD, she explained: ?The song if him lef anno my p---y fault is the ring tone I set his number to, so when he called, I saw his number and began recording so that is why it is there. And when him say him ah kick me and box me, me play the Kartel intro so him caan know himself?mi no fraida Killa and is a good little while me and him stop talk now.?

Asked if the allegations in the CD are true, she responded: ?Mi nah say nutten bad ?bout him, him was my man, him just get mi ignorant and pissed off, but ah just him that. Him just need fi stop mess wid me, that?s why mi mek sure him enemy dem get it fi see what kinda person him really is.?

Checks with a legal beagle revealed that Jamaica does not have an eavesdropping statute which makes it illegal to record, amplify, transmit or disseminate any part of the private communication of others without the consent of at least one of the parties. It is not illegal to record conversations that can be heard with the unaided ear and that are made under non-private circumstances, and even without consent. In most countries, there exists the concept of ?one-party consent?, which means that a person may lawfully record his own conversations.

Efforts to contact Bounty Killer proved futile and his management company Solid Agency didn\'t return our calls.

PEACHES: ?Go learn fi fuck.?

MALE VOICE: Mi nuh excited about your pussy

PEACHES: You usually fuck it out though

MALE VOICE: F?k out wah? You come throw your pussy pon me

PEACHES: Your days dem done

MALE VOICE: Kartel can tek yuh country gal, mi alright, yuh a mountain goat, gwaan back a Ochie

PEACHES: Killa, yuh have a big cocky, and caan use it, fuck off.

MALE VOICE: Inaudible

PEACHES: Yu can see me and kick out my bummocloth teeth?

(Kartel?s song ?No Badda Try? chips in)

MALE VOICE: Country gal, yu don?t know shit, Kartel no have b---c--- dry s---t

PEACHES: Mi no love man fi dem money

MALE VOICE: Ah people apartment him ah go gi yuh key fah, eediat

PEACHES: Mi no love man fi dem money

MALE VOICE: Country gal! Is a bruk pocket m----f--- yuh have, him can talk to Killa? Yuh caaan lef Killa and go to Kartel, him a foot-stool to Killa, dutty gal

PEACHES: Yuh cocky

MALE VOICE: Yuh is a skettel.

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