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One of the most anticipated clashes in the history of sound clash took place in Queens, NewYork. It featured the legendary King Jammys versus Killamanjaro versus The Mighty Black Scorpio. Adm. was $45.00. The host was none other than Chin from Irish and Chin. arrived at Amazura at around midnight. Inside a capacity crowd of around 1200 were patiently waiting for the clash to start. King Jammys was represented by the king himself, King Jammys, Ricky Trooper represented Killamanjaro & the man himself, Jack Scorpio represented Black Scorpio. The rules were simple, three 15 minute rounds and then tune fi tune. Sounds were allowed to play both 45's and dubs, only King Jammys, however played 45's.

King Jammys started the ball rolling with the Jamaican National Anthem, which for whatever reason didn't receive the forward it deserved. Next they played a Tenor Saw followed by "Suzy Wong" by Nicodemus. Leroy Gibbons, "I'm missng you" was next, followed by Freddy Mcgreggor's "Murder You". Jammys received a big forward for "Dubplate playing in the ghetto tonight" and for Admiral Bailey's "Horse tonic she want de horse tonic" they then played a few 45's on the famed Jammys rhythym "Sling Ting" They started out with Buddy Bye" and then a big forward for Wayne Smith's "Sleng Ting" The round started great but fizzled as the round drew to an end.

Jaro was next Trooper changed the tempo of the dance by cursing and threating, which was quite different from the more mellow, King Jammys. Trooper started out by saying, "me ago kill Scorpio and Jammys bloodcloth because a Jaro a di ruling sound" Jaro's first tune was "Kill a soundboy everyday" by Jah Cure, followed by Junior Reid's "Sound whey have sense a selector dem behind it." none of which received big forwards. Jaro's first real forward came when Trooper played Bounty's "Jaro we kill you" For the most part Trooper did nothing in this round and it was evident from the crowd's silence throughout the round. Other than cursing and saying what a bad sound Jaro is, Trooper failed to connect with the crowd.

Jack Scorpio, the under dog, surprised everyone at the clash. Everyone, myself included, never gave Scorpio much of a chance, but in fact out of all the three sounds Scorpio did the best. Scorpio started out with a Barrington Levy followed by "No Ice cream sound" Earlier, Trooper said, "Him bust de most artist and dem nuh bust nuh artist" Scorpio, countered by saying that "a him and Jammys produce the artist and when Trooper get the record den him bust de artist." this speech received a big forward. Scorpio then played "Sound Killa" by Nicodemus, Freddy McGreggor's "Don't play hide and seek" and John Holt's "Sounds come to Scorpio school" Hammer Mouth, a traditional Jaro artist, finished the round with "a reality you want" which rceived a big forward. Scorpio easily took the first round. Scorpio would go along to take both the second and third rounds. King Jammys, during the second and third round brought in veteran DJ Bunny General to talk on the Mic., and while Bunny did a good job entertaining the crowd with his brand of humor, he also failed miserably with connecting with the crowd. Even big tunes from Jaro's anthem collection couldn't help Jaro during this round. While tunes like Puddy Roots "Jaro nuh fear no sound" and "my dream last night was about Papa Jaro got big forwards they were no match for Scorpio. Jack Scorpio made one of the biggest speeches of the night, when he answered Trooper who had earlier said, "nobody caan play Nitty Gritty" Scorpio answered by saying, "bwoy you facety and bright, me a di teacher you a di student" then played a Nitty Gritty on dub. Amazura went wild, men were hitting the stage floor ripping down posters it was wild.

The momentum changed however, in the Tune fi tune. King Jammys who for the most part was asleep woke up. Nitty Gritty and Tenor saw dubs game them the spark but it wasn't enough and they were the first sound eliminated after the first tune fi tune round. The second round saw Scorpio and Jaro going head for head. The biggest dub for the round and for the whole dance for that matter came when Scorpio played Peter Tosh's "Dem want I fe go a dem funeral" Amazura, almost exploded, can you imagine Peter Tosh on dub. This tune received at least three forwards. It would happen to be the last forward Scorpio received as Jaro won every other tune and eventually won the clash.

It was a very good clash it was good to see the veteran sounds coming back to make history again, I only hope they will be more of these clashes in the future.


PS see the pics in our photo gallery.

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