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It was midnight when arrived at Club C-Pac in Brooklyn. The event was dubbed who is the King of NewYork. It featured two of NewYork's best sounds, King Addies and Downbeat Sound. The clash got underway at approximately 1:30am. King Addies won the toss and therefore played first. Original Addies selector Danny Dread was at the controls. While it was good to see Danny Dread return to the controls, his performance was dismal. He did more dancing around the stage than talking on the mic. Addies started their round with Linval Thompson\'s \"Ready fi Dead\" followed by \"Gorgon inna dis yah clash yah\" followed by Charlie Chaplin & Josey Wales on the Slim Ting Rhythm. Early B's "Bicycle" and Josey Wale\'s \"Hugging up is against the law\" was next, Nicodemus \"Sound Killa\" Super Cat\'s \"Kill a million sound and more \" gave Addies some of their biggest forwards.

Downbeat with veteran sel. Tony Screw was next. Downbeat started out with a dub by Junior Delgado, \"Downbeat Train\", but received no forward. This was followed by \"Downbeat is not a substitute soundboy\", followed by \"Play by Downbeat alone\" one of their biggest forwards came from Shabba\'s \"Downbeat bad, bad and wicked inna dancehall\" Downbeat also got a big forward for \"Stop that train I want to get off\". Downbeat definitely had the better vibes in the first round, Tony Screw provided much better speeches than Danny Dread and far better selections. Downbeat easily took the second round.

Apparently Danny Dread realized that he wasn\'t providing the spark, so at the start of the second round newly acquired selector Killer Boo took over the controls. Immediately the crowd reacted to this change with some big forwards when he start talking on the mic. Killer Boo started his round with a Junior Marvin \"Soundboy don\'t put your hat where you can\'t reach it\". followed by a Sanchez \"Saddest day in my life\" Addies played the first Bounty of the night \"Guns out and tun on\" which received a big forward followed by Shabba\'s \"Oil up all a di gun dem\" which also received a big forward. Killer Boo reminded the crowd that what happened in London, happened in London, but this is NewYork and \"him come fi kill\".

Downbeat started his round with a counteraction which killed the Addies tune, it was Junior Marvin singing, \"Downbeat put him hat where im can reach it\" this received a big forward. During this round there was no coordination with Tony Screw and Fingers who was selecting the tunes. In fact at times there were parts where there were no tunes being played because they couldn\'t find the right selection. Addies easily won the second round.

Addies won the next 10 minute round with some well placed Addies Anthems including my personal favourite \"Nitchie Kutchie and Bounty Killa in combination\" Down beat failed miserably in this round, and while they played some big tunes they failed to connect with the crowd. The tune fi tune round saw more of the same. Addies easily won this round with some well placed anthems and tough speeches from Killer Boo, Downbeat could not find and answer and was therefore easily defeated.

Over 700 people turned out for this monumental event.

Big up to Binghie for keeping such a big event. keep up the good work.


PS see the pics in our photo gallery.

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