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It was 11:30pm when arrived at Club Amnesia (Ochi Rios, Jamaica). Located in the heart of Ochi, Club Amnesia is one of Ochi?s most popular night clubs. For this event they added a stage and converted the car lot into a mini concert hall. The event was called Magnum Taurus Bash. It featured Bounty Killa, Munga, Little Hero, Tiger and Sizzla. Sizzla did not attend the event, however. Sounds were provided by none other than the mighty Stonelove. Gfus was the selector for this particular event. The night started out with some good early juggling by Stonelove. I mean good hardcore juggling, none of that watered down 45?s all night bulls*$t you hear in the States. Stonelove gave nothing but dubs from some of the biggest artists. Including one dub in particular by Admiral Bailey and Tiger which received a big forward. Before the main acts performed they had a talent show for some of the up and coming artist. All of which were impressive for the most part, but the one that stood out the most was a 9 year old boy by the name of Dada. Dada came decked out in those big eye glasses with a diamond studded brown silk suit. You would have thought he was 30 and had been a dj for years. He gave such a dynamic performance that he had to be called back on stage at least 3 times. His biggest forward came when he did a tune called ?Daddy nuh dress me like nuh gal?. Where he said, he doesn?t want to be dressed like Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears.

The main acts started out with Tiger. As most of you may have already known, Tiger was involved in a motor cycle accident which left him with severe brain injuries. This brain injury caused severe speech and other physical impediments. So severe that he lost the ability to speak fluently, and was unable to walk properly. Tiger had to be helped on the stage by the MC.. He began with some of his biggest hits including ?You dead now? & ?Tiger ram dancehall? . Since his speech was so impaired however, you could only make out parts of what he was saying, but since everyone knew the words everyone sang along anyway. After three songs or so Tiger apparently felt that he wasn?t doing a good enough job because he simply waved goodbye to the crowd and started to head off the stage. I came to tears when people around the stage literally held Tiger and urged him back on stage and started to cheer him, urging him to continue on. Tiger gave it his best with hits like ?Nuh Wango Gut, Nuh Wango Belly?, ?Puppy Love? to name a few. I wish Tiger all the best in his comeback, and I hope the good lord will continue to shine on a great dancehall DJ.

Next was Little Hero, he gave a magnificent performance. With hits like ?me nuh love what a gwaan? and many more. During his performance he called on stage Mr. Easy and Merciless, whom also did a great performance. Rising star Munga gave an explosive performance getting many forwards throughout his performance. Bounty Killa, was Bounty Kila, giving the crowd exactly what they asked for, a high energy performance with some explosive tunes. He didn?t give us many of his older tunes however, in fact 90% of his tunes were new.

All in all it was a good show, even in the absence of Sizzla. Over 2500 people attended, with admission being $700 Ja.

I just have to say that I have a lot of catching up to do. Over 98% of the songs that were played or performed I didn?t know. I didn?t let anyone know that, however I jumped up with my hands in the air anyway.

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