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Dutty Whine Song of The Year

Amidst all the controversy that has surrounded the Dutty Wine dance, the song, done by selector/artiste Tony Matterhorn was voted as the number one song on the English charts for 2006. The song currently holds the number one spot on the 1Xtra Dancehall Hot 10 chart it listed the hottest songs in England for 2006. Matterhorn says this shows that his song was meant to be big and what was done, cannot be undone.

According to Matterhorn, "Is jus certain people a try fight di song, but too much people love it, dem a fight a losing battle. Dat's di biggest ting coming out of our country fi di year. Di kids, even two year-old a seh 'Dutty Wine', suh how yuh a guh stop dat?"

Matterhorn left the island after speaking with The STAR for The Bahamas where he has a few shows lined up.

"A me an Collie Buddz a guh ova deh, wi have two shows an dem waan wi tour one school an host one Dutty Wine competition," Matterhorn said.

And laughingly he adds, "an guess wha, a Dutty Wine di whole a dem (Bahamians) a guh do ova deh when wi reach inna di place."

Persons had called for the dance to be banned earlier this year when it was reported that a teenage girl died after entering a 'Dutty Wine' competition in St. Catherine.

The report had rippling effects as a government minister in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) pulled the plug on an event that Matterhorn was billed for there.

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

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