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Police Mash up Stage show

The Kingston leg of the Fame Road Party, 'Excalibur', came to an abrupt end early Sunday morning after the police drew the musical sword out of the Mas Camp rock, New Kingston.

Earlier that morning at 1:30 a.m., hundreds of patrons were still streaming into the already packed venue, where the event was staged. On the inside, Fame DJs, Kurt Riley and Arif Cooper, charged ahead with Machel Mantano and XTATIK's Toro Toro, Alison Hines' Roll It Gal and other songs in the soca segment. The girls of Dance Xpressions emerged onstage for Hines' Roll and showed just how much they could follow the directions of the song - this was especially pleasing to the men.

Shortly after, models showcased the 'Fame Frat Wear' with a touch of modelling-meets-dancing. Shortly after this, Riley asked patrons to step forward to allow those on the outside to get in. It was almost impossible to do so, because there was simply no room.

Finally at 2 a.m., it was showtime. Munga Honorebel screamed his usual 'yes! yes!' and had everyone jumping and singing for 20 minutes to Flippin Rhymes, Bad Like I, Earthquake and other songs.

'Portmore emperor'

Chris Martin surprised the crowd with a singjay piece to begin his performance. - winston sill photos

Next up was the self-proclaimed 'Portmore Emperor' who had both men and women screaming and cheering for two different reasons. He started his set with Grab up Yuh swiftly went into Wine Pon Yuh and Smoke for Life, then he made the announcement that his 'son' was there.

With his usual 'helicopter' entrance - 'Aidididi!'- he went into Gal wid di good h?e, Kartel joined in singing 'from yuh nuh smell like camphor ball'and other songs, to which Aidonia echoed the last word of each verse. Some in the crowd seemed to notice and shouted, "Do one song nuh!" He shortly went into a few lines of Stop Di Noise and Ukku. Both left the stage shortly after and made way for the Bigyard Family.

Chris Martin made his entrance and surprised the crowd with a new singjay piece "yuh a mi fren but mi naw follow yuh go star inna no gun show" and went into Take My Love. Soon after, he called up Ravon, who performed his new song, Games We Play. After getting some response from the crowd, he made way for Shaggy. It's hard to believe, but the ladies screamed right throughout You're My Angel and Church Heathen.

When he left the stage at 2:40 a.m., the ladies called for an encore, but all they got was a response two minutes later from Francois St. Juste, that the police had ordered them to stop the party.

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