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MTV Base Confirms T.O.K.

The musical quartet that has communicated the versatility of Jamaican music in Unknown Language very successfully, has recently amassed another accolade which gives credence to TOK?S proclamation that they are indeed Solid as a Rock. The internationally acclaimed hit single Footprints has recently been A-listed on MTV Base.

Since their fiery entry into the local music scene Jamaica?s most controversial all male band has set and consistently superseded standards within this plethora of music mixes. The album Unknown Language, named for the language barrier imposed by their native Jamaican patios, features T.O.K. flexing their musical muscle with versatility and flair. The smash hit Footprints has left emotional tracks on the local and international scene.

The success of Footprints has been unrestrained and continues to make leaps and bounds in the international markets. The heartfelt song served as a tribute to all the victims of violence. The single has been identified as a vehicle of healing, for the band and all the people, who have lost loved ones to the war plaguing the streets of Jamaica. Footprints topped the local charts for two months and have been featured on international catalogues such as BET?s 106 and Park and US Billboard. Its continued growth has caught the attention of the esteemed MTV network and resulted in the A-Listing of the single on the prominent MTV Base.

The international acknowledgement of the single is an achievement of which the quartet is proud. The universal message, encased in this musical rocket, is believed to be poised for take off, as the diversity of the viewer-ship and listener-ship of this medium suggests a perpetual existence on the international scene. If the single?s unbelievable two month hold on the number one spot on the local charts is any indication of the prolific nature of the single, the MTV client base is in for a treat.

Since launching in Europe in 1987, MTV Networks has expanded to Asia-Pacific and Latin America, where the company has regional infrastructures that support local channels across all brands, reaching a potential audience of over one billion people in one hundred and sixty four territories.

The group has been working on their new album scheduled for release in 2006. According to group member Craigy-T, fans can expect the unexpected on this one. The seamless coordination of the group?s image and content, reminiscent of previous albums, remains the same. However, the possibilities are endless.

So is the allure of TOK which transcends their tendre for the ladies. Since their ascension to fame, the youthful quartet has continued to defy convention, as they continue to collectively nurture their industrious nature. The bold launch of their unprecedented interactive website and subsequent successful ecommerce empire is indicative of the daring and well-coordinated approach weaved into their musical prowess.

As the indelible bunch fires on closer to their collective and individual aspirations one thing is certain the melodious "dawgs" have matured and are fully versed in the art of communication and the world is listening for more!

Source: Real Vibes

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