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Bling Dawg Still Blingin'

Deejay Bling Dawg has proven he is more than just a mere bark.

The self-assured deejay/producer/promoter has made it clear he is focused and consistent, and as times change, he has changed with it.

Since his emergence, Bling Dawg has steadily been a feature on every major rhythm leaving our shores, and an even steadier feature on the major shows as well.

In terms of business, his annual event ?Bling Dawg Sunner Jam? has amassed an enviable following in Portland.

Keeping with the times, the latest moves for Bling Dawg come with the Tri-State Crew, a group which has just made official a link which has been in place for years.

He, along with singer Wayne Marshall and deejay Vybz Kartel make up the Tri-State crew, which he says is similar to the Alliance of which they are members, but only being much smaller.

?It just came out because we par a lot together. We in the studios a lot together so we just feel a unity so we came out with it,? he explains. ?We dealing with music, in the Tri state no one is too big to say something bout the other, we are like brothers, just like the group LUST, everybody have individual careers but we working together.?

As Bling Dawg puts it, great things are in store for them pretty soon. They have amassed group paraphernalia including lighters, T-shirts and key rings, and are looking to put on a special Tri-State party. They are also finalizing a special Mixtape exclusively for the streets which is being produced by Chris Rock. Bling Dawg is excited about this project, and says there are more plans for the crew, but they remain cloaked for now.

For his other endeavours, the deejay is set to release his talked about Pitbull rhythm, which as its name suggests, is a raw, charged-up, musical beast to the ears.

To date, Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshall, Voisemail, Jovi Rockwell, Cezar and others have voiced, with more heavy weights are lined up to record by year-end.

Despite the obvious success, Bling Dawg has a gnawing hunger for even more success.

?My career, I am giving thanks for it, but I don?t think that I have that really really big big song yet,? he states. ?I have laid the foundation in the business, just like house building, but right now, I just searching for a house top to cap it off.?

The top may just be coming with the long awaited album finally complete, and another in the making. ?The album is a done deal already, all the tracks finished, but right now we talking to people who are negotiating with it,? he explains. ?Once that is done, it?s time for release.?

In addition, Bling Dawg is in talks with famed producer Salaam Remi for another album to follow shortly afterwards.

He admits working without a proper management team has hampered him a bit, but for someone working on his own, he has done much to be proud of, and is looking to do even more.

Source: Real Vibes

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