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Emergency! - Kartel ah Suffer Round 'Ere

THE POLICE ARE considering prosecuting deejay Vybz Kartel following his performance at last weekend's Caribbean Rising event held at James Bond Beach, St Mary.

An officer at the Oracabessa Police Station told THE STAR yesterday that the police had noted that the deejay had cursed during his performance.

"Vybz Kartel used excessive cursing in his performance at James Bond Beach on Sunday, and in accordance to the law, senior officers gave the artiste a warning. They may be considering prosecution," the officer said.

The deejay had used offensive language in several of his songs despite the emcee's warning that there be no profanity or negative lyrics for the MTV taped Caribbean Rising.

In fact, immediately after the Miami based MC, Papa Kieth lay down the rules, his words seemed to hit a negative chord with Kartel. As the MC called on Kartel, he made the mistake of rushing the deejay to the stage.

"Kartel, di people dem waiting... Kartel are you with me?" asked the MC.

Cheers erupted from the audience as Kartel's voice was heard over the microphone, responding to the impatient MC.


"Vybz Kartel nu wit nu man," retorted Kartel.

With that said, the deejay began his musical stint, seeming to defy the MC by choosing a string of 'gun tunes' to start his performance.

But it was the deejay's decision to liberally curse in his performance that drew the attention of senior officers at the event.

The artiste cursed while delivering songs like P....y Jaw, School Bus, and War Nah Dun. He had delivered a solid 25 minute performance, with hits like Emergency, and Car Man.

Elephant Man also let a few curse words slip in his performance that night, with songs like Rrrrr, and Hold Har An F... Har. Bounty Killer, who was a crowd favourite, was also a 'cursing culprit,' letting a few 'bad words' fly over the microphone in his song Eagle and Di Hawk.

Despite Elephant and Bounty's legal infractions however the lawmen say that they only heard Vybz Kartel curse and as such did not accost Bounty Killer or Elephant Man on the matter.

Source: FABIAN LEDGISTER, Star Staff Reporter

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