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Shelly Belly

Dancing has been a part of our culture for decades, passed down by our ancestors. In every era, Jamaicans have developed a natural way of bouncing and gyrating to fresh new dancehall beats that have taken the country by storm.

A young man who has orchestrated a few dance moves is Sheldon 'Shelly Belly' Lewis. He grew up at Lincrust Road, Kingston 13 and attended Norman Manley High School.

During high school, he would participate heavily in sporting activities, such as football, and was a member of New Kingston F.C. During his football-playing years, his coach named him. Among his peers, he was known as 'Shelly', and while playing midfield, was recognized as the 'belly' of the park, so the coach dubbed him 'Shelly Belly'.

Sheldon has been dancing since 2000, while attending Norman Manley High School, along with Royan 'Shankle Dip' Fagan. There, they met another dancer, George Straight, who later introduced them to John Hype.

Eager to pursue his career path in dancing, he left high school in 2002, and has no regrets in making his decision.

This cool, calm, humble star patiently awaited his spotlight, which emerged with his dance move, 'Shelly Belly,' which has gained widespread recognition. Young and old, even the physically challenged can be seen doing the 'Shelly Belly'. Since releasing 'Shelly Belly', he has managed to revamp the dance move, which resulted in 'Chakka Belly' and other dance moves, such as: 'Belly Bounce', 'Bermuda', and 'Jack it Up'. All his dance moves are created on the spot at parties. In fact, Sheldon's inspiration for 'Shelly Belly' came while he was at La Roose, when Biko Bailey performed his song, "Rasta a bigga galist fi certin bwoy".

Since dancing has become Sheldon's profession, he has toured several places, such as Bermuda, Cayman Islands, England, and Canada with Beenie Man and John Hype. He thanks John Hype, who has been responsible for making his dreams become reality, and recognizes him as his mentor.

On a positive note for the youth, he said, "One mus' be serious inna everyting yuh a do. Anyting yuh aim fa and a dat yuh waan fi do, do it and 'ave faith. Doan run down nutten, jus' be humble and tings will happen. Yuh si from yuh a elevate, yuh affi be strong."

Source: Go Local Jamaica

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