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I arrived inside the Albany Manor Ballroom at approximately 12:30am inside there were only 15 people or so that had already assembled. The crowd would grow to no more than 150-175 people. Wish was quite shocking for such a big event. Adm. was $20. The host for the night was All Star Vaugn.

Silverhawk started the event and immediately Richie Pooh made it clear that this wasn’t a clash it was a musical showcase – Big people ting. SH started out with a dub by Bunny Wailer, “SH run dancehall” followed by a Tiger then a Chevyl Franklin, “Champion Lover” this was followed by a Garnett Silk, “A moment in love”. Followed by another Garnett Silk, “oh me oh my”. Richie Pooh probably made one of the biggest speeches of the night when he said, “Dem say when me play so a show off me a show off but a nuh show me a show off, me just full a tune” The place erupted in laughter, He then played a Dennis Brown then a Garnett Silk, “Talk if dem talking” Richie Pooh then said,” Them a talk bout we get kill a Guiness Clash, Ricky Trooper can kill SH. One tune can kill de hawk” He then played a Tony Tuff and Freddy Mcgreggor combination, “We have the blade”. This was followed by a John Holt, “Strange things are happening” which received a big fwd. Richie Pooh at this point turned to Tony Screw and Jack Scopio and said, “ A hear unouu have sometin in store fe me, but if unouu ever test” he then played Dennis Brown’s, “planning to attack me soundboy” This received a big fwd.

DownBeat was next. Tony Screw started out with a Beres then a Admiral Tibbet, “Living inna a serious times” Then a Linval Thompson,”Downbeat a de Champion” followed by a Hugh Griffith, Ime Kamoze, “right now” which got a big fwd. This was followed by a Triller and Shine head. Screw then played a Beres, “Tell you a story” followed by a Sugar Minott, “DB come inna de dancehall” this was followed by a Luciano, “Ulterior Motive” then a Gregory isaacs, “My number one” which received another big fwd. Screw would finish out his round with dubs by Johnny Osbourne, Alton Ellis and Kasheef Lindo. It was at this point that Screw made a speech that made everyone laugh. “DB have the biggest box pon the earth the one from heaven nuh come yet” The place erupted in laughter. Buju’s, “Sound ago dead” was replayed twice because of the magnitude of the fwd. A Shabba and then a Culture, “Jah, Jah see dem a come” would finish out the round.

Black Scorpio was next. Jack started out with the Jamaican National anthem then a Taurus Riley. This was followed by another Taurus riley, “Beware” both of which received no fwds. This was followed by a Romain Virgo, “Kill a drum pan everytime”. This was followd by a Beres,”Feel good” then a Queen Ifrika after playing this dub Jack would do his signature speech of, “you know I love the ladies” . This was followed by dubs by Tristan Palmer, Ras Shiloh, Bushman, Dennis Brown & Greggory Isaacs combination which received no fwd. Scorpio would end the round with dubs by Brigadier jerry, “Scorpio you a murderer” Buju, Nicodemus, John Holt, Garnett Silk & Tony Rebel.

SH started their 2nd round with dubs by Garnett Silk, “Lionheart”, Buju, Alton Ellis, Culture, delroy Morgan, Half Pint, Junior Tucker, ½ fwd. Capleton, Little Meeky and daddy meeky, Bounty, “Informer” big fwd. Super Cat, Buju, Richie Stephens, Wayne Wonder & Buju.

DB started his 2nd round with dubs by Sanchez, Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel, John Holt, Hopeton Lewis, 3 big dubs by “Bitty Mclean” all received big fwds. Alton Ellis, “turn and walk thru the door” received a big fwd. He would end the round with Dennis Brown’s, “rough road” and a dub by Buju and Sluggy.

BS started their 2nd round with dubs by Barrington levy at this point the mic quit working. Scorpio wasting no time by telling everyone, “ me come yah and de machine naw read me laptop and CD now de mic naw work mind a saboutage ting a gwaan enuh” After a new mic was brought in Scorpio played dubs by Everton Blender & John Wayne in combination on the sleng teng rhythm. This was followed by a Bounty, “disrespect” followed by a Dennis Brown & Freddy Mcgreggor combination. At this point Tony Screw who was milling around the crowd noticed famed singer Christopher Martin in the crowd and signaled for Jack to big him up. Jack did so immediately and brought Christopher Martin on stage. Much to the crowds delight. Christopher sang some of his biggest hits which delighted everyone in the audience. After which the host proceeded to give to Tony Screw, Jack Scorpio and Richie Pooh Lifetime music awards, for their years of providing good quality reggae music.

After this time was running down so all three sounds decided to go straight into tune fe tune.

SH stated out with their Jimmy Cliff, ‘Harder they come” - BS played a Brigadier Jerry, “Pack up your sound” – DB played a Bounty, “

SH then played Bounty, “ Kill or be killed” – BS followed with another Bounty, ‘ Watch the speech watch the words” – DB then played Josey Wales & Shabba Combination.

SH then played a Bounty & Mad Cobra Combination,”gun nuh beg friend” – BS played another Bounty,” We nuh fraid a nuh bwoy” The crowd wasted no time in letting Scorpio know that the tune was already played. Scorpio than played another Bounty, “ Gun nuh ask who you it nuh tek interview”. DB then [played a daddy Uroy/Charlie chaplin/ Josey Wales & Brigadier combination.

SH then played a Buju, “hypocrite & parasite” , followed by another Buju, “ Hawk a danger” – BS then played a Mavado, ” Them nuh bad like we” – DB then played a Buju,”I believe it was 125th st” then he played a Shaggy & Josey Wales combination.

This would end the dance. Since it wasn’t technically a clash, although all thru the night each sound made threats to each other, most people I spoke to after the dance agreed that Down Beat played the best and if it were a clash they would have won. I have to agree.

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