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Another flight lasting 8hrs and another sleepless night but such is the life of a clash reporter. I arrived at Leoncavallo Club, Milano, Italy at approximately 12mid. Inside a crowd of nearly 250 had already gathered the crowd would grow to a max of just around 350. Adm. was only 10 Euros. Quite cheap for a clash of this magnitude I was expecting to pay in excess of 25 Euros. Early juggling was by Goldenbass. Golden bass did a good job to keep a early vibe. They played a good combination of foundation and new tunes with plenty of dubs mixed in. The clash got under way around 2am. Hosts for the night were Lampa Dread from One Love Sound, Italy and Trevor Sax from the Mighty Saxon Sound out of Birmingham England. Both would alternate the hosting responsibilities with each speaking in their native dialect.

The rounds were simple. 1st Round 30mins, 2nd Round 20mins, 3rd Round 10 min, 4th round 10 mins (45’ Round) 5th Round 10 tunes each (Dub fe dub). Supersonic won the coin toss and elected to play 1st. Spyder dressed in full black with a hoody over his head wasted no time in starting the threats. Spyder told Worm (Worm and Damian were the selectors for Bassodyssey) “ me kill Trooper, me kill Mighty Crown, me kill King Addies (With Matterhorn) you a de last pon me list and you ago dead tonight” . Supersonic started out with a Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks Combination, “ Soundbwoy die in pain/kill dem inna Parris” this was followed by a Junior Gong, “Burning Flames”, followed by a Sizzler, “Fire we a push” followed by another Sizzler “fuck a six year old baby” then a Romain Virgo, “Kill a Soundbwoy tonight” then a Luciano, “blood inna we eye” followed by a Taurus Riley, ‘kill off dem bumbocloth” this received a huge fwd and had to be pulled up twice. Supersonic then introduced a brand new artist called Chevahn, “ Supersonic a the best” which received a ½ fwd. Dubs by Romain Virgo and two back to back dubs by Kymani Marley one receiving a ½ fwd and the other “sound ago dead” receiving big fwd. At this time Spyder told Worm’ “You know worm live under de ground and we a send Worm 6ft under the earth tonight”. He would then play a Assassin (Agent Sasko) a Lion Flames, : Sonic kill without warning” 1/2fwd. Dubs by Zaga, Konshens, Agent Sasko, Charlie Blacks, Beenie Man, Sean Dizzy, Vegas, “ Sweet Italy” which gave a big up to all the major Italian cities received a big fwd. A Vegas custom , “Bassodyssey a get murder” received a ½ fwd. This was the end of Sonic’s 1st round.

Worm dressed in jeans, white tennis shoes and a white jacket started the round with a Cocoa Tea, “‘BO kill dem now” followed by a Bush Man, “fire pon a weak sound” followed by their Sizzler anthem, “ clean up dem heart” followed by another Sizzler, “I’ve been here all days of my life” both received big fwds. This was followed by a Beres, “ many try to test the BO sound” received another big fwd. This was followed by a Capleton, “me deh yah yaaaw” another big fwd. This was followed by a Sanchez, “here I am”. Worm would then tell Spyder, “ me come from country inna de bush a soh me come kill sound” They would then play a Romain Virgo custom -1/2 fwd this was followed by a Busy Signal, “kill a sound we nuh care” 1/2 fwd followed by a Buju and a Jah Cure, “receive your blessings” received little or no fwds. BO would then play dubs by Beres Hammond, Kymani Marley, Mavado “Be my guidance” this received a big fwd. Capleton’s “Invasion” also received a big fwd. BO’s Sizzler/Kartell combination, “Don’t apologize to no batty bwoy & No apology” received a big fwd. BO would go on to play dubs by Buju, Fanton Mojan, Beenie/Bounty combo, back to back Buju’s, Sizzler, Bounty, TOK, “fire mek we bun dem” received a huge fwd and was pulled up twice. They would finish their round with dubs by Bounty, Capleton, Beenie man, Assassin, Kartell, Lion Flames (counteraction to the Lion Flames Supersonic played) a Romain Virgo, Demarco, Barrington Levy and a Bounty Killa. There would be a preliminary vote after the 1st round with the crowd giving it to Bassodyssey.

Supersonic started their 2nd round with Spyder referring to Worm as a battyman “Worm me see you a run thru crowd because you waan man fe rub gainst you” He would then start the round with a Cocoa Tea, “Glory Allehuya” followed by a Pinchers, “Carpenter” followed by a Bounty, “Sound ago dead” which received a big fwd. This was followed by a Micheal Buckley, “Send dem home” followed by dubs by Junior Cat, “ Dead you ago dead” 1/2fwd. Nitchie Kutchie’s, “ man a bad man” and Cobra’s, “ Kin teeth me friend” received ½ fwds. This was followed by Buju’s, “Feds” a three the hardway combination with Johnny Osbourne, Shabba Ranks received a 1/2 fwd. Supersonic would then play a Taranchula custom, “ without Squingy you caan kill Supersonic” received a ½ fwd. Supersonic would finish their round with dubs by a hip hop artist (can’t recall the name or tune), Bounty, Briscoe, Baby Cham, “Supersonic Story” , I Octane, Bounty, Admiral Bailey and Cutty Ranks. Supersonic would get booed at the end of this round.

BO started their 2nd round with a dub by Admiral Tibbet, “Serious Times”, Sugar Minott, “Dead inna Sound clash”, Power Saw (or anyone of the number of Tenor Saw imitators) “now trouble tek pickney shut ago fit you”. This was followed by dubs by Beres, Pinchers& Bounty combo, Cocoa Tea, Pinchers, Buju, “kill dem bumbo cloth” (on the beach boys rhythm) received a huge fwd and had to be pulled up twice. Sizzler on the same rhythm received another huge fwd. Worm at this point told Spyder, “The reason why you caan jum up and dung inna de dance a cause you batty a bun you”. Dubs by Buju, “ Boom bye bye received another huge fwd. They would finish out their round with dubs by Junior Gong, Eeek a Mouse, Bounty, a brand new TOK, another Bounty, “ bassodyssey a Killa’ received a big fwd. This was followed by BO’s national anthem, Bounty’s, “BO from way out in de country, man like Tinner one, Glamor G and Lenny with de gal dem whey well spenny, spenny ain’t gonna spend it on Benny…” which received a big fwd. They ended the round with a few more Bounty’s a Jah Cure and a Romain Virgo custom.

Supersonic started out their 3rd round with a dub from Cocoa Tea, “ Sound a nuh threat” followed by a Barrington levy, Pinchers & Bounty combo, Mad Cobra, ‘Kill him”, Buju, Capleton, Half Pint, Sugar Minott, Buju, “Sound fe dead” which received a big fwd. Eeek a Mouse & Shabba Ranks each received big fwds. Culture’s, “ Jah, Jah see dem a come” and Ken Booth’s, “ Set me free” each did well.

BO started their 3rd round with dubs by Beres (3 in a row), Buju, “Alexandra” received a big fwd a Jah Cure and Capleton combination was next. BO would finish their round with dubs by Bounty, Demarco, “sound know who dem a frighten” would receive a big fwd. Dubs by Mavado and Bounty ended the round. BO would get a few boos at the end of this round.

Supersonic in their 45 round would play 45’s by Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sugar Minott, Sizzler, Shabba Ranks, The Israelites & Mavado.

BO played 45’s by Dennis Brown, Tenor Saw, Junior Reed, Courtney Melody, Terror fab, Garnett Silk, Yellowman, Jimmy Cliff & Super Cat. Spyder would accuse BO of playing back a number of the tunes that Supersonic played during their 45 round. Preliminary vote after this round gave it to Supersonic.

5th Round Tune fe tune. The format was that each sound would play 10 tunes. But unlike past clashes where their was a vote in between each round of tunes the sounds were able to play each round without a vote in between rounds. Supersonic played dubs by Eek a Mouse, Beres, Third World, Sizzler & Culture. BO would play dubs by Toots & The Matals, Junior Reed, Sugar Minott, Scion Success, Junior Marvin & Scion Success.

The vote was made and after two decisive votes. BO was declared the Winner of War Territory Part 4.

Just want to personally thank both sounds for a very entertaining clash. It was good to see a clean clash without the customary name calling. Other than the battyman argument, which for the most part was done in jest, no one told the other fe go suck him mother or suck pussy etc. There was a lot of respect shown on each side.

Just want to personally thank & soundclash .com for giving me the opportunity to post these write ups on each site. As a result there has been much loved shown where I go to write up clashes. Big up to everyone in the clash who saw me writing up the clash and came over to say hi. Big up to me brethren from Rising Hope Sound who after realizing who I was got me back stage. Big up to Action Fire who was in the house passing thru. Big up to all the boardies who came by to say hi. Much respect. CLASH FOREVER!!

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