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It would be 7 1/2 hrs before I would land in Amsterdam from Detroit, but if a sound fe dead, sound haffe dead. In Amsterdam I met up with none other than DHR Mod Gawgon, Drew. Drew had decided that he no longer wanted to wait on text messages at 3 in the morning to find out what was going on at the clash, so he decided to come see it himself, we would later meet up with three other friends who had made the trip also. It was a two hour train ride to Enschede. We were met upon arrival by Sultan the promoter and owner/selector of Herbalize It sound. We arrived at the Atak Club at approximately 11:30pm. Inside approximately 20 people were gathered. Sultan, didn’t expect the attendance to be great because of the failure of Addies to show up. The crowd would grow to about 250. Adm. Was 20 Euros. The clash finally got started at around 12am. LP won the coin toss and elected to play 1st.

The rounds were simple 20/20min 1st and 2nd round and 15/15 3rd and 4th round and if the crowd wanted or if it was necessary, tune fe tune (Believe me it wasn’t necessary). To everyone’s surprise Killa D took the mic responsibilities while Puma did the selecting. I along with many in the crowd wondered if that was a good strategy, because Killa D while a versatile MC hadn’t had much experience as MC in a clash, but trust me, he did a wonderful job. LP started out with a custom dub, not sure the name of the artist, thought it may be Gappy Ranks, but I’m not quite sure. They then played a Buju Banton, “Want to rule my destiny”, followed by a Cocoa Tea, “ Holy Mt Zion” followed by a Shabba Ranks, “Having it all” followed by another Cocoa Tea & Capleton Combination, which received a 1/2fwd. this was followed by a Bounty Killa “No have nuh heart”, followed by a Sizzla, “Nothing in the system” followed by a Luciano “LP from Brooklyn” followed by a Singing Melody “Drum pon you dead now” followed by a Buju “ 3bills a day” followed by another Bounty “lease little ting’ which received no fwd. Lpw would then play tunes by, Buju, mavado, Buju again, Bounty, Capleton “Don’t change” which received a 1’2 fwd. Nitchie Kutchie, TOK, Beanie Man, “Nuh sound nuh bad like we”, 3 Romain Virgo’s in a row, followed by Beres, Conscince and Gyptian “we will kill” which received a big fwd.

One Love started their round with Ducio as MC. (throughout each round Ducio would switch with the other MC). One Love started with a Barington Levy “Bun me ganja pipe” followed by a custom Cocoa Tea counteraction to Lp’s earlier Cocoa Tea “Kill LP in the Netherlands” received a big fwd. this was followed by ½ Pint “Greetings” (1/2 fwd) followed by Sizzla “mash dem Down”, King Kong, “One love sound a de champion”, Romain Virgo, “No dub fe play” followed by two more Romain Virgo’s, followed by Assassin, “Think constructive” this tune received a big fwd. Gappy Ranks, “Fire Bun Dem” 1/2fwd, followed by a Bounty & Pinchers combo “Coppershot” 1/2fwd, Buju , “Murderer”, another Buju, “Juggle like a champion” that would be followed by dubs by Capleton, Burru Banton,Assassin, Buju, another Buju, Shabba, “Shot a fire pon a informer” which received no fwd. Mavado “War is in the air” received no fwd and in fact One Love would get the first Boo for the night prompting Ducio to tell the crowd ‘Nuh bada wid it don’t start boo aready” this was followed by two more Mavado’s, “One man we fear” and “God of peace” which received no fwd’s. The 1st round the host rising star Micheal X did not have the crowd vote on the 1st round but would do so in the subsequent round. It was clear, however that LP won the 1st round.

Killa D started the 2nd round by telling One love that “A Herbalize IT, Supersonic and Sentinel a de baddest sound a Europe unouu a jiggy, jiggy sound, unouu a go dead” then he played a Buju, “Rise it up” which received a big fwd. This was followed by a Bounty, “Kill people” another big fwd followed by a Mavado, “Jah is calling soon” followed by two more Mavado’s all of which received ½ fwds. Bounty’s ‘kill fish” received a big fwd so too did Luciano’s “who can it be now”. This was followed by a capleton. “ How dem a gwaan like dem big so”this was followed by a custom Mavado “We nuh tek we gun offa dem”, Assassin, Mad Cobra, Buju, Busy Signal, Mavado’s “dem a pepper” received the biggest fwd of the round. Dubs by Shabba and Beenie Man also received big fwds. It was at this point that Killa D made two of the biggest speaches of the night. He said, “Dem nuh fe call Addies , Addies nuh more, dem fe call dem Addidas because dem run from de clash”. The crowd erupted in laughter and Killa D a big fwd. LP would continue to dominate the round with dubs by Junior Reid, I Octane, a custom Cocoa Tea, “mr undertaker build Addies and one Love a coffin” Huge fwd. Dubs by Garnet Silk, Bounty, Micheal Buckley, “Send another sound home” Nicodemus, “Flatbush Lp come from” , Junior Demus, Sizzla, Bushman, Buju, Bounty, Stitchie, “Get me madd, madd, madd” Beenie man and a Major Mackarel “How u sound so” would finish out the round.

One Love’s 2nd round started with the mic duties being passed to the other mc on One Love (can’t remember his name at this point) speculation by some in the crowd was that Ducio wasn’t doing an effective job and Lampa Dread wanted someone with more vibes. One Love started with a custom Beenie Man, “ LP head buss like a can a red bull” which received a ½ fwd this was followed by a TOK, “Blood a fall like rain” followed by the 1st Kartell of the night, “You play splice tune” ½ fwd. followed by another Kartell and then a mavado, “bullet a spray” followed by Serani, Busy, another Mavado At this time during the clash apparently there were quite a few girls and a few man start dance to the Mavado’s as if they were at Weddy, Weddy apparently some in the crowd was not feeling the clash vibes being presented by One Love and chose to entertain themselves otherwise. There would be 3 more Movado’s all of which received ½ fwds then One Love played a new European artist named Collie P, this received no fwd whatsoever. This was followed by another custom by a new artist from Rome called Brusco. This was a customized soca tune which received little or no fwd. Dubs by Junior Gong, Gentle Man, Bounty, Assassin, Ninjaman, Beenieman and Conscience finished out the round. After a vote Lp won the 2nd round by unanimous decision.

In the 3rd round Lp would play dubs by Buju and Cocoa Tea, Junior cat, “dead dem ago dead” big fwd, Capleton, “Kingdom is falling”, Bounty, “This is a suicide murder”, Capleton & Stitchie combo, Shelly Thunder, “get kuff”, Papa San, “survive”, Wayne Wonder & Buju combination, Mavado, “Swing song” received a ¼ fwd, another Mavado, I Octane, “Bad man” ¼ fwd. this was followed by 3 brand new Bounty Killa’s some of which received big fwds. Killa D then made one of the funniest speaches of the night when he told Lampa Dread, “lampa you a de only dread me know whey get deport from yard because you nuh smoke weed nuh more” the crowd erupted in laughter. Killa D then asked the crowd, “Unouu want One Love fe lock off” the crowd responded with a resounding YES!!. Lp would then play a Gappy Ranks, “LP shot off dem face” big fwd.

One love would get booed at the start of their 3rd round. Ducio again took back control of the mic. Ducio started out by telling the crowd, “Killa d you is a fake killa, the only real Killa I know is Rodney price and Ricky “Serial Killa” Trooper. He then started the round with a Vegas custom, ‘Lp dead inna de morning” followed by a Josey Wales, Louie Culture, ‘Hills and valley” another louie Culture, shabba, another Col Josey, Luciano, Burro, Assassin, (no fwd) Bounty’s, “special delivery’ got a small boo. Johnny Osbourne’s “boody bye” received a much needed fwd. they then played a three the hard way with, red dragonShabba, Capleton, mad Cobra, Assassin, and by Bounty would finish out the round. After a vote LP won by unanimous decision.

The 4th round will go down in sound clash history. Never have I seen a selector from the opposing sound kill him self with a dub by another sound. Killa D at the start of his round asked that Lampa dread come to the center of the stage. He wanted to praise lampa dread for his love of reggae music and for his many years of playing sound systems. This was ell received by the crowd everyone showed their respect by giving Lampa dread a round of applause. Killa D even asked lampa dread to say a few words, which he did and received another round of applause. Then Killa d took it a step further and asked lampa dread if he would be so kind as to introduce LP’s next tune for them, Lampa Dread foolishly accepted the offer and proceeded to introduce the next tune’ Yes Puma play de next tune fe de Holland massive” What a mistake. Puma played a customized Cocoa Tea, ‘ One Love go home to your mothe”" the pcrowd erupted like an explosion. People were laughing , cheering it was the most embarrassing moment I have ever witnessed.Then LP played a beres, “what can you do to stop your sound from dying” this was the nail in the coffin. This round was also the Buju Banton round. Killa D told One Love, ‘ Don’t you ever try and test Lp when it come to Buju” LP would then play 19 BUJU”S IN A ROW. You read right 19. The place exploded. Dubs by I Octane, Bounty, “Killing dem Enemies’ received big fwds. These were followed by dubs by Shabba, Mavado, Sean Paul, custom dub by Errol Dunkley, “Lp kill Addies” all received big fwds.

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