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It was one of the biggest nights in sound clash history. War Zone 2011 featured two of the biggest sounds in the industry today. King Addies vs Supersonic. I arrived in Antigua late Sat afternoon and arrived inside Millers at the Sea at approximately 11:15pm. Millers by The Sea is a beachfront Rest and Entertainment center. This was the perfect backdrop for a night of reggae, until the rains fell, more on that later. Inside a small crowd of approximately 100 people had gathered. The crowd would peak at around 1500. The crowd was predominantly male but they were quite a number of females present as well. Adm. was $40 EC which I calculate to be about $15 or $16 US dollars. Quiet cheap for those of us living in the US where the average clash can cost as much as $40 US. They were 4 sounds that did the early juggling and in my opinion all did poorly in trying to create a good early warm up vibes. Instead of playing good foundation tunes as is the custom they played as if they were at weddy/weddy new tune after new tune. Most people just stood quietly seemingly waiting for the clash to start. Wadali Soldiers started playing a few dubs and got a few forwards but otherwise we couldn’t wait for the clash.

The clash started at approximately 1:45am. Zugi the host for the night declared that there would be 1(30min round) 1(20min round) 1(10min round vocal) and 1(10min round anything goes) then tune fe tune. Supersonic drew 1st blood. Spider came out swinging he declared that no duty whine bwoy can kill me tonight. Supersonic started out with a Buju “Supersonic love the people” followed by a Luciano “Give faith to Rastafari” then followed by another Luciano “It was a quiet night” Richie Spice “Dancehall a run red” , followed by a Cocoa “The lord is my light and salvation “This was followed by a capleton “ u see a carbon you can know one’ which received a big fwd. That was followed by another Capleton “wicked man have to fall” followed by a I Octane custom “ Sonic buss Addies inna two half” A Gappy Ranks custom ,(this received a big fwd) Buju, Taurus Riley, Romain Virgo, Bounty “if a war unouu want it fe start” Demarco”duppy know who him fe frighten”, Luciano/Bounty combo “doesn’t matter what you play/Sounda ago dead” , Capleton Cutty Ranks and a Mavado finished out the round. It was at this stage that Spider jumped off the stage and said he wanted some English Arbor, he walked over to the bar and brought a bottle on stage which he opened and drank, this received a big fwd from the crowd.

Addies was next and to everyone’s surprise it was Babyface and not Killa Boo who had mic duties. This would prove to be a fatal mistake as by the end of the round Babyface would receive the 1st of many boos. In fact during Sonic’s round Spida insisted that if Matterhorn was there that he should come out and get killed. We were all hoping to see Matterhorn but that did not happen (although he did show up later). Face started out with a custom dub (can’t remember the artist) this was followed by a Capleton “death row”, followed by another Capleton “Kings of the Earth”, followed by a Garnet Silk “Onto the graveyard they go” which received a big fwd.hich Which was followed by two Buju’s ”Sound fe dead we “naw spear nuh lead” and “sound ago dead a so it ago go” followed by Bounty “ Spy fe die” on the Sleng Teng rhythm, followed by another Buju “ No respect,disrespect followed by a Shabba/Buju combo “oil up all a de gun dem” Face at this time made a speech by telling Spider “de pussy lose de cup a Brooklyn so him cross, angry, fuck off pussy” this got a few fwds from the crowd. He then played a custom Romain Virgo “ it’s a serious time when Sonic a lose in a Antigua tonight” followed by a Busy Signal “sound ago dead tonight” followed by a Mavado ‘ One man me fear a de Messiah” this tuned received one of the biggest fwds of the night, torches were blazing hands were in the air. It was Face’ biggest moment of the round. This was followed by another Mavado “God of peace” At this point however, people in the crowd start complaining at how much Face was talking. He then played a I-Octane custom “Gunshot a run up inna dem” which received no fwds. He then played a Kartell “Addies woke up this morning” a Popcaan, Buju, Capleton and a Bounty all of which received no fwds. Face then looked at Spder and told him”you ballhead, space head looking bwoy hear dah combination yah” He then played a Buju/Mad Cobra and Bounty combo “Nuh response fe closet gay/Brain a fly/ action speak louder than words” this received no fwd. Beenie Man’s “Sound fe dead” got booed so too did the Bounty/Quench Aid combo. After a vote the 1st round was awarded to Supersonic.

Supersonic started the 2nd round with Spider telling Babyface “I’m not going to call you pussy anymore, I’m going to call you u stinking Mother Scunt” the place went crazy - lighters, torches and hands went up the whole place erupted in laughter. He the told face”how you fe say me bad mind and me nuh do nutin fe de music a who a de man fe bring you come a Europe and put you oon tour. You eat de most food when you come a Europe suck you muma pussy” this speech aroused the crowd. He then played a Beenie Man “me dis any pussy” followed by a junior Cat ‘ Killing Pussy” followed by a Pinchers “Supersonic come again” followed by another Pinchers ‘Bonderlo” this received a big fwd. this was followed by a Pinchers/Bounty combo “ Test Supersonic/ Who send dem fe heng dem” followed by a Capleton “you life long but you careless wid it” followed by a 3 the hard way Johnny Osbourne, Wayne Smith and Shabba combo. Which received a very weak fwd. junior Cat, Nitty kutchie, Buju “run up inna me gun” there was some allegation from the Addies camp that this tune was a play over as Addies had previously played “run up inna de feds” Spida made the distinction clear, but decided not to replay the tune. A Capleton medley another Pinchers, Gappy Ranks and a delly Ranks (which received no fwds) finished out the round.

Addies 2nd round saw the introduction of Danny Dread. While in previous clashes he was a spark for Addies, he too failed to connect with the crowd. Danny Dread started out with a Dennis Brown “too much tin pan sound” followed by a Sugar Minott then A Barrington Levy “Brader than Broadway” followed by Nitty Gritty “Golden Finger”, Nicodemus “Sound Killa” then a Junior Cat “Nuh trust dem nuh more” followed by U-Roy “Long time Addies a call you” all o which got little or no fwds. After playing Josey Wales “ragamuffin” and a Super Cat the rain began to fall. This was the 1st of two interuptions caused by the rain. People immediatey ran for cover therefore emptying the dance floor. Addies kept playing but it was to an almost empty floor as people were running for cover where ever they find it. Babyface at this time took over the mic. He played a Bounty Killa/Mykal Rose custom. At this point Killa Boo had taken over the mic and told someone in the crowd “you probably nuh pay anyway so got suck you muma” he got booed emphatically for this foolish blunder. Addies would finish the round with either a Mad Cobra combo with Mavado or Movado by himself and then a Elephant Man custom “let me see you gun”. After a vote Supersonic unanimously won the 2nd round.

At the starting of the 3rd round the rain subsided enough for everyone to return to the center of the floor. Spida wasted no time on capitalizing on Addies demise. He told Babyface “God nuh like whey u a gwaan wid and de blessings him a send dung fe Sonic” Matterhorn would use that same speech when the rain fell again during Sonics round. (And yes Matterhorn was there). Spida was relentless in his verbal abuse of Babyface before he played his 1st tune in the 3rd round he told Babyface”You little battybwoy man nuh fe wear purse” referring to some sort of satchel Babyface was wearing. This received a big fwd. The place broke out in uncontrollable laughter. Sonic would play dubs by Beres Hammond “Supersonic is rising” Cocoa Tea, Third World :”96 degrees” which got a big fwd. Keith & Tex “stop that sound” followed by dubs by Marcia Griffits, Beres, Ken Booth, Pop Caan (custom) A Kartell custom “you bleach face bwoy” another I-Octane which finished the round.

Baby face tried to counteract Spida’s speech about his purse saying “you a talk bout purse dis look like purse to you” he would get booed. Addies did regain some momemtum when it started the round with a TV new cast custom. Where a Antiguan local newscaster start reading the evening news and said something to the effect of “Late last night the royal police arrested Spida from Supersonic sound for receiving oral sex from known area transvestite ”Prince” this got such a big fwd that Babyface had to pull up the dub again. He the played a Bounty Killa “guns out and tun on” half way thru the tune the moment everyone was waiting for happened, Matterhorn walked on stage. The crowd erupted! Was this the end of Supersonic. This was short lived however, as Matterhorn would get booed later on in the round. Matterhorn would play a Bounty custom “Addies nuh business everybody dead” followed by another Bounty “u dead this time” Dennis Brown/Mad Cobra/Bounty combo followed. More Bounty, Beenie, Louie Culture, Josey wales/Bounty Combo, Macka Dread and a Elephantman custom either got booed or received little fwds.

4th round was the singing round. Supersonic would play dubs by Barrington Levy, Taurus Riley, Tony Rebel, Luciano, Sanchez, and Barrington Levy. Addies would rebound in this round however, with dubs by Junior Reid, Courtney Melody, George Nooks, Nitty Gritty, Ken Booth, Garnett Silk and Dennis Brown. Addies wins the vocal round.

The 5th round was the play anything you want round. Sonic started out with a Mad Cobra “Hunt and Seek” followed by a Bounty then a hiphop tune by MOP, then a TOK another Bounty all of which received ½ fwds that would change when Sonic played a Aidonia custom which big up Wadahali and various other parts of Antigua this received a big fwd. Lighters Torches, flags you name that tune got it. Spida even jumped off the stage and into the crowd.

Addies would play a Beenie man and Aidonia. Matterhorn would take the clash a step further when he played two of his own dubs. He played a Kartell “murder fe murder”

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