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Dancer Shelly Belly has entered the realms of acting with his role in a movie called Gangsters Nuh Play: Krawb Up Edition.

The movie, which is directed by Macca, also features his cousin Racoon. Some of it was shot in the United States and Bermuda earlier this year but it is not yet complete.

Shelly Belly said he was contacted by a friend to do the movie but he was reluctant to do it at first.

"Him tell mi seh him have a movie a shoot. Mi tell him seh mi neva do it yet but mi ago try 'cause yuh neva know wah ago happen," he told THE STAR, noting that he plays 'Bladdoff' in the movie.

Although it is his first film, Shelly Belly believes it will do well.

"It ago sell off mi a tell yuh. Mi just deal wid it like seh a long time mi a do it. Mi feel proud a miself fi know seh dem love how mi gwaan," he said, noting that the movie trailer is already getting many views on YouTube.

Racoon is also beaming with joy after his first movie role.

"Mi like how it set and everything. Mi full joy miself inna it and mi feel good. It highlight mi so people can know mi more," he said.

However, Shelly Belly said he had to leave the United States because his visa expired. And although his character made a trip to Jamaica in the movie, he hopes that the director will do further filming in the island.

Shelly Belly said he did no form of dancing in the movie but he performed at several events while he was in the United States. Since he is not able to go to that country, he said he will be performing in other countries.

In the meantime, the dancer says he is promoting his recent dance moves like 'Wheel Har In', 'Attack' and 'Step Up'. He said Racoon also has a dance move called 'Oreo'. He also thanked his Bermuda Squad members (Teddy Love, Energy, Echo and Bone Crusher) for representing the group in his absence.

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