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My most profound memory of Squingy happened in 1996. I had just started promoting dances in Detroit and one of the first sounds I brought to Detroit was Bassodyssey. The dance was on a Friday Night so I flew in Squingy and Glamor G that Thur. morning mainly to prevent any flight issues the day of the dance. I was a big BO fan so prior to Squingy getting here I went to a embroidery shop and had a ball cap made with the name Bassodyssey embroidered across the top.

When Squingy and Glamor G arrived at the airport the 1st thing Squingy saw was my hat with BO printed across it after some introductions him tookb de hat offa me head cause him did want keep it. Me haffe say "no Squingy you can't have da hat yah a me only BO hat" (Times like these I wish I had given it to him). Squingy was more than helpful through out the two days he was here. He volunteered to help me load over 20 cases of beer in my truck and even went with me to off load dem at de hall. How many big name selectors do that. later that evening we all went to see a movie, believe it was a James Bond movie that Squingy desperately wanted to see. That night we went to a reggae club to do some promoting for the next night. I asked Squingy if he would mind playing a few tunes just so de people would know they are here. He didn't think twice him and Glamor G fuck up de place. The next night dem and Black Reaction from Toronto fuck up de place, Detroit has never been the same since.

Bwoy, Squingy sorry you had to go so early. A day hasn't pass since your death that I don't think about de I. Jah, me a beg you fe guide and protect him 'til dat day me get see him again in a heaven.

PS the word written on the hat in the picture says BASSODYSSEY

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