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Deejay Chino and the rest of the McGregor family will be making their film debut as they play a leading role in an upcoming documentary on Jamaican music and culture titled The Music Nomad - Made in Jamaica.

Set to air locally on CVM in October and then on National Geographic,PBS and Comcast, as well as being featured in Island Magazine, The Music Nomad -Made in Jamaica is a joint project between National Geographic and Wisynco.

Chris Hardy, Coca-Cola's brand manager, explained to THE STAR, "We have a partnership with National Geographic as they cover the music of Jamaica. They approached us as they thought while covering the music, we could get an opportunity to have product placement in the coverage. After meeting with the production team ofNational Geographic, it was easy for Wisynco to come on-board with Ocean Spray and Coke Zero."

natural vibe

He continued, "Chino is a Coke Zero artiste and his story lends to one we believe would make good TV. Chino being the son of Freddie McGregor and brother to both Yeshemabeth and Stephen 'di Genius' McGregor,it was an easy sell.National Geographic wanted to capture them at home in their natural vibe to see how they interact as a family."

Contacted while he was in Europe on tour for the project, Chino plays the part of tour guide, showing the team his personality as well as the natural vibe at home at the Big Ship studio.

"I feel honoured to land such a gig becauseI watchNational Geographic a lot and it will be aired to over 160 million viewers internationally. I think the documentary will help people to see the more natural and positive aspect of Jamaica and Jamaicans, as opposed to the typical negativity usually being documented," Chino said.

The McGregor clan (from left): Chino, Stephen, Shema and dad Freddie. - File

For Chino, he also believes this will be a boost for his career saying, "I'm hoping this film will introduce me to a wider audience and add to my growing fan base. As for my image, I think it will highlight me as somewhat of an ambassador, making a positive step for both the country and the music that's often overshadowed by negativity."

truly talented

According to Hardy, the McGregors were easy to work with and he sees a bright future for them in music.

"The history of Freddie and the work being put in by Chino and Stephen will guarantee them a place in the future. What I want to add is the admiration we at Coca-Cola have for Chino's talent and work ethics. He is truly talented and is also very humble. Having him on-board the Coke Zero project in Jamaica has added to the brand success and as such we will definitely work with him in the future. Great things are in store for Chino and we will be there to support him every step of the way," Hardy said.

The McGregor family is still on tour which ends with Irie Jamboree in September in New York. As soon as he arrives back in Jamaica, it will be all about work for the young star who plans to shoot a video for From Mawning. He also has new singles out including Pon Yuh Head, Nutten At All on the Coke Zero rhythm as well as Bring It Come and more singles. He also has plans to release two upcoming albums, one in Japan later this year and the other for the US early next year.

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