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Unicorn is not new to the dancehall industry but his Think Bout Me collaboration with Macka Diamond has been shedding new light on his career.

The artiste, whose real name is Donovan McMurray, said he wrote the song about two years ago.

"Mi love di mood. Mi write di tune bout two year a back but di unity neva strong with me and har so di tune neva do," said Unicorn who grew up in Clarendon.

Over time, he said, Macka Diamond asked him about the song and they decided to record it. But when the song was brought on the road for promotion, he said there was something missing in the production.

And shortly after, the Broadcasting Commission became more stringent on the type of lyrics allowed to be aired.

Unicorn said the song was revised and released. Since then, the radio-friendly version of the track has blown up on several local charts.

Yet, he is still unsure of what will happen for his career in the future.

"Mi look pon it and seh if Macka hol' har composure and fi har end of di bargain, things will happen," Unicorn told THE STAR.

This is not the first time Unicorn has had success in music. His song Woman With Pride on Colin Fat's Top Ten rhythm in the early '90s was quite popular.

However, over time, Unicorn's performing career took the back burner to writing and producing other people's songs.

He wrote and produced songs like Bounty Killer's Badman Graduation, Crossroad and Rise Mi Gun; Tic Toc and Raging Bull for Elephant Man; Hoola Hoop and Laptop for Macka Diamond; Beat It for Danielle; and Giddy Up for Spice.

This is just a small fraction of songs that he has written and produced.

"Mi put out things all di while but when my tune come out with fi dem own weh mi write, it shadow my own. Mi link with Shane Brown and him a seh mi fi stop write fi people so much and start write my own thing," Unicorn told THE STAR.

He said DJ Sunshine has been quite helpful since he decided to pursue his musical career. She produced his collaboration with Ghost called Only Man on her After Dark rhythm. Styley featuring Wesley Diamond is another song, which he did around the same time.

With the focus still on himself, Unicorn will be releasing more songs in the near future, including Dutty Money, Luu Lack, Never Been Touched and Bandy Leg.

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