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Uptown Mondays, held at Savannah Plaza on Constant Spring Road, came to an early end this week after a fledgling member of the Alliance is alleged to have thrown a bottle hitting selector Richie Feelings in the face.

When contacted by THE STAR, a reluctant Richie Feelings did not want to do any interviews about the incident. It was only after being prodded that he admitted to being hurt at the event. He said, "People fling bottle, mi get lick in my face wid a bottle, that's what happened, I was playing and got hit in my face wid a bottle ... a nah look lick mi get." He also admitted to having to go to a hospital due to his injuries.

The promoter of Uptown Mondays, however, disclosed that a young member of the Alliance threw a bottle hitting Feelings, which resulted in the dance being closed shortly after 1 a.m.

"What happened is that this artiste, him want him song to play from last week at Bembe and the selector never played it. He came here and wanted them to play the song. Feelings, I think, was going to play it eventually and him just fling and lick Richie," he said.

large entourage

According to the promoter, the artiste was allowed entry to the event with a large entourage and they left immediatly after the incident. "Dem run through di gate after di incident, police couldn't ketch dem," he said. For the promoter, he is hoping to get in touch with the artiste so that he can pay back for some of the damage that resulted from the incident. This include the cost for items stolen from the bar during the melee.

In the streets, however, rumours are circulating that the incident was a result of the 'gaza' and 'gully' tension. It is alleged that Feelings was playing a number of Kartel songs and that he has been signed to the Portmore Empire. The promoter, however, said he didn't believe it had anything to do with the two entities and that Feelings was not playing solely Kartel songs.

When asked about the rumour Feelings commented, "Dem a sey mi a Gaza selector, well anything dem sey dat's how it goes, yea, me is a Gaza selector, a dat di business gone to now, who is Gaza and who is Gully. All right, dat is why dem buss up my face 'cause me is a Gaza selector. Well, if a dat dem sey a dat dem sey."

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