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Dancehall is taking a fistful of Negril weekend with the two party entities, ATI (Appleton Temptation Isle) and Negril Dream weekend, using entertainers to endorse their events in the hope of attracting more patrons.

The airwaves and pre-Negril parties have been seeing a good dose of dancehall culture with a wide spectrum of entertainers showing their support for the various Independence weekend party events.

Boosting ATI's Flip It Fridays, Elephant Man and KipRich have been on radio and flyers supporting Digicel and ATI.

face of flip it

Rasha Abbott, ATI weekend event manager, explained to THE STAR that Elephant Man is the face of ATI Flip It Fridays, a weekly event at Quad nightclub.

Outside of Flip it Fridays, ATI has been getting endorsements from the artistes for television shout-outs on Hype and RE TV.

Thus far, artistes such as Elephant Man, Lady Saw, D'Angel, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Cameal Davis and others have done television shout-outs for ATI.

This isn't the first time ATI has used artistes to endorse the event, but Abbott admitted that this is the first year the endorsement has been so huge.

"We believe in what these artistes are about and these are people who have attended our events and we expect to see them at ATI," Abbott said.

Outside of advertisements, dancehall will be a part of ATI's Temptation Live on Saturday, August 8, at Waves Beach. The live event will see performances from Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, D'Angel, KipRich, Chino and Laden.

On the other side of the fence, the Negril Dream Weekend have been showcasing endorsements from the 'Gully' and 'Gaza' artistes in various special dubs done for the Dream selectors and radio.

The dubs include Mavado doing a cover on the Mocking Bird and Dem Alonerhythms, while Vybz Kartel has done a dub titled Dream Weekend, which is a cover of the Completely, Dallaz and Dollar Sign songs.

dream strength

Kamal Bankay of the Dream Team told THE STAR, "We just wanted to start with 'gaza' and 'gully' endorsing the dream who were chosen because they are two of the hottest artistes in Jamaica right now. Bringing them together to do dubs for Red Stripe Dream weekend shows the strength of the Dream Team and Red Stripe."

The dubs have been on air over the last three weeks and have been playing at events. The most recent, a Twin of Twins special, debuted at Absinthe two Sundays ago. The Dream selectors, which include Coppershot, ZJ Liquid, Crazy Neil, Chromatic, Bloodline, Code Red, DJ Smurf, ZJ Rush, DJ Nicco, Colin Hines and Supa Hype, all have the dubs on hand.

It is ironic that the Red Stripe-endorsed weekend would use the controversial 'gully' and 'gaza' artistes to promote their event after a few years ago, withdrawing their sponsorship of live music events which they claimed facilitated "violent and anti-social lyrics", which both Vybz Kartel and Mavado are known for.

However, Kim Lee, communications manager at Red Stripe, explained to THE STAR, "Even though we don't sponsor live music, we have a relationship with music. In the past we have had artistes do this for commercials

and this is a commercial, not an endorsement of their lyrics."

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