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For STAR of the month Tony Matterhorn, he likes to be different in every aspect of his life. His present ride and latest pride, a Dodge Charger, reflects just that.

The first to admit that he bought the car for his baby mother Toni Ann, Matterhorn says he usually has the car during the days.

A bright red with dark tinted windows, Lamborgini-style doors and 22 inch rims with special tyres, Matterhorn's Dodge, which is reminiscent of a large beast on the road, cannot be mistaken.

In his latest song Roll Out featuring QQ and DJ Cutty from Coppershot, Matterhorn goes as far as to sing about his Dodge deejaying, "When yuh see di Dodge, betta unnu dodge, see me on Sunday up inna mi drop, pedal to di metal me a sport weh mi have, flossing, music dat is my job. Nuff of dem a grudge me just fa wha mi have."

Matterhorn told THE STAR that he doesn't like to have what anyone else is driving which is why he "buys American." This is but one of Matterhorn's vehicles, as he also owns a van which he doesn't drive as often.

Look out on THE STAR's website soon for our version of 'Pimp My Ride' with Matterhorn and his Dodge!

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