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It was a cold night in Brooklyn, but inside "De Island Club" it was blazing hot. arrived inside the building at approximately 12:30am. Inside a small crowd of about 70 had gathered this crowd would grow to over 350. The crowd consisted mainly of men only about 20 or so women came out. I do hope more women come out to clashes in the future. The host for the night was Lee Major from Earthruler Sound. He did a fantastic job as referee and as a host he was unbiased and at the same time quite funny. The crowd erupted in laughter when he asked that all the girls give "the selector dem some pussy and if dem eat it unouu fe come a de dance and talk" he also delighted the crowd when he said "Everybody fe listen to Hot 10.. fm cause unouu know a pirate radio soh when de FCC come lock it dung it ago gone". He did however, make some serious notes. One in particular dealt with the reggae artists charging so much for dubs' "de artist dem must nuh say we inna recession dem a gwaan like dem nuh fe gi we recession price".

Six sounds were represented in this Clash. Killaface Sound representing the Midwest, Lexxus Superior representing Canada & DC, Culture Blend representing Trinidad & NewJersey, Lutchio Sound Brooklyn & Jamaica, Power Sound, Long Island & Super Gold ,The Bronx.

Lexxus Superior was 1st. they started out their round pretty strong getting many forwards for Sizzla "Power because ...), Big forward for kartell's "It nuh tek nuttin fe murder dem bwoy deh' he finished the round with a few more kartell's and Bounty Killa's 'Coppershot" on the Chinatown rhythm. Lexxus started out real strong in the beginning but fizzled as the round ended. He did make some big speeches however, especially when he said the "New York morgue call him this evening and say fe send 5 dead sound come" he also had the place erupting in laughter when he told "Gold Teeth", the sel. for Super Gold, "fe sell him gold teeth fe buy new tunes".

Culture Blend was next they were a complete flop they received no forwards for the whole round. Their speech did nothing to excite the crowd. It was surprising because they did play some big tunes including Bounty Killa's "Watch the speech and the word that you saying" also "you dead this time" by Bounty on the Duck Rhythm. They played some good culture tunes as well including Luciano's "Give them a cedar board casket & Freddy Mcgreggor's "So many people want to see me stop loving you".

Super Gold was next they had a great vibe. They received a big forward for Pinchers' "100% a dub, 100% a dub" and even a bigger forward when Super Gold told Killaface that the only Lionface him know deh pon King Addies and then immediately played Eddie Fitzroy's " A Would like to see you face soundboy" he finished the round with a few Kartell's on the Shank-I Shenk rhythm.

Lutchio Sound was next they also failed to connect with the crowd. They played a few Kartell's, Charlie Black "Clear off the scene" on the sick rhythm but received only two or so forwards throughout the whole round.

Killaface Sound was next and they instantly picked up the vibes. Killaface played a counteraction to the Eddie Fitzroy tune that Supergold played however, most thought it was the same tune but just had Super Gold's name in it. Regardless it received a big forward. Killaface also played a Bounti Killa "A one rahtid gun me have over deh" Kartell's "press me gun dem" Bounti Killa's "man a nuh fish" also received a big forward. Killaface did however, accuse the sound engineer of turning down the mike while he was playing and that they were trying to saboutage him. He had a solid 1st round.

Power Sound was also solid gaining many forwards throughout their round. Montana, the selector for Power Sound who happens to be a white man gave the best speeches throughout the clash. He was funny and at the same time combative. In one of his rounds he told Killaface "if you touch me a bax dung you bloodcloth, me have me gun pussy, fe you rusty gun caan kill nutin" the place erupted in laughter. The biggest speech of all however, is when he asked the crowd "If a black man can win the presidency then why a whiteman caan win a sound clash" people started hitting the walls, hands went in the air the place went crazy. but speech wasn't the only thing that Power sound did well, they also played some big tunes including "Jah jah see dem a come" by Culture, Anthony Johnson, Michael Palmer's "Kill a soundboy now", "Trodding the valley" by Jah Cure and Anthony Redrose "trouble tek you soundboy" The biggest forward coming for Dennis Brown's " "A know you planning to attack me soundboy"

After the vote Lutchio Sound and Culture Blend was eliminated. That left Killaface, Power Sound, Lexxus Superior and Super Gold. In the second round Lexxus Superior by far had the worst vibe. In fact half way into his round the crowd began to boo and started clapping him off the stage. Israel vibration, Max Romeo could not help him and he was quickly eliminated after the second round. This left Killaface, Power Sound and Super Gold.

During the third round Super Gold started to pull away they played many tunes that were famous during the "Biltmore" era being in New York you can't go wrong with Biltnore tunes he received many forwrads during that round. Killaface accused SuperGold about why he was playing so many Biltmore tunes and asked Super Gold "if him think a Biltmore in deh" I believe that was a mistake on Killaface part, he started the round somewhat strong but as his round went on he got booed and people statred clapping him to come off. He would be eliminated after this round.

Power Sound and Super Gold went head to head in the tune fe tune. It was the best of 7 with Super Gold winning the 1st 4. Some in the crowd argued that it was unfair because Super Gold has been around since 1982 and the tunes he used to win in the tune fe tune included Garnet Silk and and not one but two Nitty Gritty's. With all the other sounds being relatively new it was no way that Power Sound or any of the other sounds could have defended against those big specials.

All in all it was a wonderful Clash, the 1st of many more for 2009. I just ask that we all go out and support the clashes where ever they might be as this daggering thing is getting out of control.


leslie ,

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