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With a void in dancehall and the need for a new direction, RDX decided to make dance songs its focus.

Renigade and Delomar, the members of RDX, were once part of an eight-member group called Xsytment Gang, which came to the fore in the '90s.

"Bout 2005, wi change the name to RDX. While in New York in 2006, wi try decide pon a direction fi tek di group and mi suggest dance songs. Inna 2007, wi find Dance and then follow up with Everybody Dance," Delomar told The STAR.

He said he made this suggestion because Renigade made the beats for dance songs like Hoola Hoop, Summer Bounce and Swing It Weh. Hence, he had the experience needed.

In addition, after famous dancer Bogle's death in 2005, Delomar said there was an absence of dance songs.

"Inna di business, there was a void as well, 'cause Bogle did dead and nobody did a do any dance songs," Delomar said.

With the dance songs, RDX helped to highlight the dance moves made by local dancers.

But Delomar says he realised that men were pushing the women out of the videolight. Therefore, RDX decided to do Daggering.

"The girl dem did a ask wi seh how dem caan get a dance song. So, dat's why wi do Daggering and Bend Over because those two songs were made for man and woman to dance," Delomar told The STAR.

- Sadeke Brooks

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