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Zip 103 FM is yet to decide the fate of radio disc jock Nikki Z.

When contacted the station's programmes manager D'Adra Williams, was not willing to say how long the Zip DJ's suspension would last for or when she would return to the airwaves.

"We are unable to say at this time," she told THE STAR.

However, in a release, titled 'Apology', sent to THE STAR, Nikki Z, real name Nicole Duhaney said "I have been taken off air, as my fate is to be decided. I hope I continue to be in the hearts and minds of our faithful listeners and please believe I am fully prepared to accept what is deemed a suitable punishment for my indiscretion."

On December 4, Nikki Z played Munga Honourebel's Ride It, while on her show which airs Monday to Friday between 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Very apologetic

Williams said the song was not approved.

Nonetheless, Nikki Z was very apologetic to her listeners, the Broadcasting Commission and the Zip 103 FM family.

"As a radio disc jock it is my duty to ensure my music is suitable for broadcast and free of all explicit words and also free from suggestive lyrics, and, on this morning I failed in doing so. This was an honest mistake that should have never happened. I would like to apologise to all listeners and especially to the children who may have heard this and also their parents and or guardian who were subjected to it," she said.

In September, Nikki Z was suspended indefinitely from ZIP 103 FM after a curse word was accidentally played during her set on radio.

- Sadeke Brooks

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