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With Sting high on the agenda, dancer/deejay Chi Ching Ching is gearing up with new songs.

Chi Ching, real name Radion Beckford, said he recently recorded a song called Dribble And Score on Esco's 'Dribble' rhythm. He said it has been getting good airplay on local radio stations.

There is also another song he did called Risk Expensive. In addition, there are two other singles, which will be on his upcoming debut album, Ghetto Classics, that he plans to release before Sting to help create a buzz.

Mi ready fi it

"Mi get Sting weh did a mi dream and mi grateful fi dat. It's my first time going and I am booked for it," Chi Ching told THE STAR.

"Mi ready fi it. Mi ready fi tek on Sting no matter what the weather. Dancers unuh roll out cause mi know dem nuh good like wi shadow," he added.

As for the album, which is scheduled for release this month, Chi Ching says it has been coming along fine.

signature slangs

"Well, it's coming along great cause I have some hits weh ago deh pon it," he said as someone shouted in the distance 'everyday', which is another of his signature slangs.

He says Esco has been working with him on the album, however, he also wants to work with other top producers like Stephen McGregor, DASECA and Don Corleon.

Chi Ching says it is difficult to finance the album alone so he is seeking additional funding.

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