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Artiste: Cutty Ranks

Album: Limb by Limb (Reggae Anthology)

Genre: Dancehall

Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5

Recalling when the dancehall was a designated space characterised by zinc, foundation sound systems, artistes toasting and persons slowly bubbling, Cutty Ranks' 'Limb By Limb' is a classic that should be savoured and enjoyed, over and over.

Educates any dancehall newcomer

For those who did not live in that era when Cutty Ranks was on top of his game, listening to an entire CD can seem almost a daunting task. Yet, the Limb By Limb CD educates any dancehall newcomer to what it felt like back in the day. This feeling is enhanced by a live recording from Skateland, in 1986, which is used as the intro. A two-disc CD, Limb By Limb is a true 'reggae anthology' as advertised on the CD's cover.

'Original bad man'

One thing that abundantly becomes evident about Cutty Ranks is that he was one of the 'original bad-man' type artistes before the days of Mavado. With songs like A Who Seh Me Dun, Cutty boastfully proclaims his skills in 'killing' an opponent as he calls for Buju, Ninja Man and others to come. Songs such as Rude Boy Number, Limb By Limb,Pon Mi Nozzle and others have the same theme.

His softer side

Yet, Cutty shows his softer side with Half Idiot, Really Together, Loving You, all with Marcia Griffiths, as well as Decide Your Mind, alongside Beres Hammond. The CD also features guest appearances from other big names, such as Wayne Wonder, Tiger, Bertie Don, Dennis Brown and Judgements. Cutty Ranks' hard-core deejaying routine goes hand in hand with his singing counterparts for balanced songs.

Overall, Limb By Limb is a must have for those who want to get the complete feel for the history of reggae music. Hopefully, the reggae anthologies continue with other artistes following in Cutty's footsteps.

Track Listing: Disc 1

1) Intro: Live at Skateland (1986)

2) Limb By Limb

3) The Stopper

4) The Slaughter

5) The Bomber

6) Press The Trigger

7) Pon Mi Nozzle

8) Dominate

9) Rude Boy Number

10) Fe Fi Fo Fum (feat Tiger)

11) Half Idiot (feat Marcia Griffiths)

12) Real Love (feat Beres Hammond)

13) Decide Your Mind

14) Lambada (feat Wayne Wonder)

15) Grizzle (Part 1)

16) Outta Hand

Disc 2

1) A Who Seh Me Dun

2) Retreat Sound Boy

3) Grizzle (Part 2)

4) Leave People Man

5) Circle Me Country

6) Russia and America (Liberty)

7) Liberation

8) Money Money (feat Bertie Don)

9) Love Mi Have Fi Get (feat Beres Hammond)

10) Really Together (feat Marcia Griffiths)

11) Loving You (feat Marcia Griffiths)

12) Move Up

13) Prepare Yourself

14) Warrior (feat Marica Griffiths)

15) Gunman Lyrics

Krista Henry

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