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Selecting duo Razz and Biggy will no longer limit themselves to just musical juggling at events, as they have added producing to their list of activities.

Sean 'Razz' Cousley and Richard 'Biggy' McGrath became a duo in 2001 after they were part of two other sound systems; Uptempo and later, Guardian Disco.

They started Uptempo with a third member Kaniel 'K9' Brown, but the union ended when Brown left the country to pursue tertiary studies. They continued their musical journey and joined Guardian Disco in 1998 before deciding to branch off on their own.

"I loved music and decided that I wanted to do music as a career," Biggy told THE STAR.

During their many selecting years, they toured parts of the Caribbean, United States and Europe. They also have a gig in Egypt, which is scheduled for December.

Three years ago, the two decided to do musical production because they believed that they had enough knowledge and experience to create good music.

Branching out

"Is just the love fi di music. More time yuh haffi branch out. While in the music yuh know more 'bout it, so we a di best people fi come back and create the music," said Razz.

Though they have been doing production for years, they have not released their first project. This work will be called 'Moving Up', which is a rhythm made by DASECA but the voicing, mixing and the idea for the songs are from Razz and Biggy.

'Moving Up' features Elephant Man, Assassin, Voicemail, Aidonia, Tony Matterhorn and upcoming artiste Crimist. Their second project 'Shining', is a one-drop rhythm, but they want to complete and release their first project before seriously focusing on the second.

In addition to playing music for people to enjoy, Biggy says he wants to be "stinking rich" in the future.

Household name

Razz, on the other hand, is working on "establishing ourselves more in the business". He says, "We want to make Razz and Biggy a household name, not just in Jamaica, but as far as the moon. We want to reach the point where one day dem can see wi as ambassadors in the music business."

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