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Dancer Shelly Belly left the island yesterday for Japan for a show and, according to the dancer known for recent dances such as the Luggo Luggo and Nineties Rock, he is very pleased to be able to travel once again.

'Get tru wid mi visa'

"Mi feel good, 'cause mi do whole heap a work an a time fi mi get mi glory yah now ... mi jus a try fi achieve wah mi fi get. Everytime people inna America a call mi an a sey Shelly Belly wi want yuh fi do show an mi couldn't guh, but now mi get tru wid mi visa, mi feel nice again," Shelly Belly told THE STAR in an interview before he left the island.

Fake credit card

Shelly Belly, whose real name is Sheldon Lewis, said his visa was cancelled almost two years ago, due to a misunderstanding with a promoter who booked him for a show using a fake credit card.

Now that the matter has been sorted out, Shelly Belly said he is looking forward to going to places like New York.

'Crazy fans deh a New York'

"A crazy fans deh a New York a wait fi si mi, cause mi all hear sey yuh have some wey a New York wey call demself di 'Nineties' man dem, an mi hear sey a bare a my dance, di Nineties Rock, dem a do," Shelly Belly said about his 2007 dance.

Adding, "Now Usain Bolt guh do it (the Nineties Rock), an di dance a shot again. An special big-up to 2 Gran and Scrappy, an mi brethren from Bermuda name Indy, an also Keddy - a dem mek all dis possible again."

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