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Alliance top lieutenant David 'Mavado' Brooks was freed of gun-related charges when he appeared in the Gun Court in downtown, Kingston Thursday morning.

He had been answering to charges of shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm. Mavado's co-accused Sameer Coombs was also freed.

A member of the Alliance told that Jamaica's Director of Public Prosecutions this morning signed a letter stating that the crown is not continuing proceedings against Mavado. The letter was presented to the court and the matter against him dismissed. He has been de-processed and his fingerprint destroyed.

According to reports on IRIE FM and RJR News, a nolle prosequi was entered because the main witnesses failed to show.

The witnesses are reportedly not available to give evidence in the matter surrounding an incident in June last year where it was alleged that Mavado and Mr. Coombs fired several shots at persons on the road. Mr. Coombs was charged shortly after the incident but Mavado was not charged until March this year.

The question on everyone's lips is: will he be granted his US visa or granted a waiver to allow him to perform in the United States? The artiste was sent home from the United States almost five weeks ago when he attempted to enter that country to perform at a show only a few days after he was slapped with gun charges.

Mavado had also been charged in relation to ganja possession over 18 months ago during a police raid in Cassava Piece, St. Andrew.

The deejay has been banned from a number of Caribbean countries because of the violent content of his lyrics, the last being Guyana a few weeks ago. However, his camp has launched a furious public relations campaign in recent weeks announcing that the deejay had been selected as part of Nike's promotional CD campaign for the Olympics in China, and that Mavado is expected to star in the summer movie, What Goes Around.

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