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After Bunny Wailer closed an hour of song and speech at the Vin Lawrence park, Trench Town, close to 4:30 on Saturday morning, the second generation of the Wailing Wailers members came together briefly onstage.

Wailer called on Stephen and Damian Marley to do One Love, Andrew Tosh also taking a verse, and before he left he introduced his daughter, Sensie Love, to the audience, which had grown significantly since the earlier going but was never a respectably sized crowd.

Bunny Wailer's daughter played guitar while Peter Tosh's son sang his Creation and Bob Marley's sons stood aside and looked.

They also stood aside, looked and danced as Spragga Benz and Sizzla alternated lyrics, this after Stephen had opened their segment with Natty Dread, its references to First, Second and Third streets fitting for Trench Town, Trench Town by Stephen after War from Damian also fitting the time and place.

Bunny Wailer also included a song which specifically mentioned Trench Town near the end of his set, saying that No Woman No Cry was written right there in Culture Yard. Easy Skanking followed, before he closed with One Love. He had started out some time before with Don Dada, after harmony trio Psalms delivered Sattamassagana.

Tremendous response

Bunny Wailer's speeches in-between some songs were about peace in Trench Town and how it used to be when the community was united. And in one song, which he started without music, he reminded them that guns were not food, as "gun cyaa boil".

After their father's songs, Stephen and Damian Marley delivered their own material with excellent timing to a tremendous response. Damian reminded all "there is something for you" and the first "spa nap spa na nap" of Stephen Marley from Traffic Jam was enough to cause pandemonium.

Spragga Benz was also specific to the community as he was called on, declaring "Trench Town set de order...", to the delight of those present. He called for Peace before calling on Sizzla, who fit No Time to Gaze on the rhythm provided.

After Sizzla had done Holding Firm on the Far East rhythm and Junior Gong a bit of Road to Zion, they left and there was a general exodus from the park. A few remained, THE STAR not included, when it was announced that Sugar Minott and Horace Andy were about to perform, while Capleton, I-Wayne and Jah Cure were on the way.

There were very few bright spots in the lengthy run-up to Bunny Wailer, as at times the concert felt like a community showcase - it was, after all, $500 to get in.

Among the better performers was Column, Red Eye Blues in his set which showed vocal control. The Informative History Man's lengthy Bob Marley Story held attention and Nesbeth got a warm reception which he built on with Boardhouse. The women had their 'bruck out' moments with Black-er, some duly taking off something as the song instructed.

Natural Black, however, who had one of the longer stage times, expressed his dissatisfaction after moving the audience with Far From Reality and It Nice, among other songs. After doing Songs With Meaning he said: "Me see some a oonu a jump up to all foolishness, a push up shoes an all ...".

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