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Cocoa Tea explains fight bet. Sizzla & Jah Cure

Coco Tea, the organiser of the Original Dancehall Jam Jam, is reprimanding the media for its preoccupation with negativity. Though, he wasn't in sight of the incident he says it was not as bad as it sounds.

"It only lasted a couple of seconds, no box up never gwaan, is just a little grab up grab up, but it never caused the end to the show, there was no mayhem, no chaos." He continued by saying that "To me, this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, nothing big never happen. Jah Cure and Sizzla ah bredrin, dem have a ting, but it never mash up the show, and the media needs to write more positive things. This year, 2000 and love, we ah try come with more positivity and love as artistes," Coco Tea told.

Rumours have been circulating since Monday that there was a physical altercation between Sizzla and Jah Cure backstage after Sizzla had attempted to give some 'pointers' to Jah Cure.

Since then, Jah Cure has released this statement:

"2007 was a challenging year for me; however, throughout the year I was able to stay focused on the music while maintaining a positive attitude. I am here to uplift the people as I myself was once down. I want to use my music to comfort the hurt and bring joy to the sad.

"Many may have heard of a recent incident at Cocoa Tea's Dancehall Jam Jam, in light of this, I want to state that I am a positive person whose only aim is to uplift people and live in a positive way. I give thanks to those who have helped me throughout my career to reach the level that I am now. I want to thank Sizzla Kalonji as he was one of the first to believe in my music.

"Life is about challenges and hurdles but what makes a man a better person is the way he deals with these challenges and hurdles. I will try to make sure that my music remains positive and that my actions reflect my message."

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