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Dancing has always been a big part of the entertainment culture in Jamaica and with Crazy Hype set to add another group to the mix, it can only get bigger.

The popular dancer has already added an accolade to his name when he and his new group, Men of Business (M.O.B), danced up a storm at this year's Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's World Reggae Dance Competition. The group won the title in fine style, while gaining the attention of many.

"Just give us a year and we are the biggest and best dance group in Jamaica and the world. There are a lot of young guys dancing now, but they are talented," Crazy Hype said.

Crazy Hype parted ways with Shelly Belly's group, Bermuda Tilque early this year when he felt his interest was not being catered to.

"I left because the group was just about one person. It was just about Shelly Belly. It was not about who was in the group," Crazy Hype said.


Before Crazy Hype knocked heads with Shelly Belly, he was a proteg? of the late dancer Gerald "Bogle" Levy. According to Crazy Hype, Bogle was amazed by how quickly he caught on to dances that had intricate techniques.

"Him (Bogle) did just come from foreign with a new dance and mi ketch it quick. Him si mi a dance and is seh, 'yout, you a dancer'," Crazy Hype recalled.

Since Bogle was one of the biggest dancehall dance name in Jamaica, his amazement at Crazy Hype was an encouragement. Soon they became what Crazy Hype called "parry." He hung out with and occasionally danced with Bogle's group, Black Roses.

Now that he has formed his own group, Crazy Hype is hoping to be known around the world for his moves. He could not help but show his excitement about the group.

"Right now the sky is the limit. Dance nuh have no limit," he said.

Crazy Hype is also hoping to be a promoter as well, and said he will use that opportunity to help other dancers.

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