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Super Cat bax Promoter

Police went in search of dancehall star Super Cat after a backstage scuffle at his concert on Saturday night at Mobs II, Chaguaramas.

The veteran Jamaican performer, real name William Maragh, clashed with stage manager Wendell Naipaul moments before his appearance at the Super Chutney Show.

The singer accused Naipaul, the manager and owner of stage management company Mr Wendell Inc, of racial abuse when he eventually took the stage just after 1 a.m.

"I box down the promoter because him wha dis Super Cat. Me ain't come Trinidad fi get mix up in no racism," he told a capacity audience.

Several police officers assembled stage side following the incident, after Maragh took the stage. The officers were positioned to detain the artiste at the end of his performance, the Express learned.

The Wild Apache, as Cat is also called, immediately left the venue following his performance.

The Don Dada had extended his scheduled 30-minute set well past the hour mark before walking off stage and into the audience singing "I'm leaving on jet plane, don't know when I'd be back again".

He continued singing through the crowd all the way to the car park with several fans following. There he boarded a grey Nissan Almera and sped off. The singer reportedly boarded a flight early yesterday morning.

ACP Winston Cooper said yesterday the officers did not pursue or attempt to detain the singer after Naipaul said he was not pressing charges.

"It was up to the victim and from all reports he did not wish to press charges," Cooper said during a phone interview.

Earlier Super Cat had told his audience Trinidad was blessed with a multi-ethnic society and there should be no room for racism.

"Trinidad reminds me of Zion, African, Indian, White man and Chinese living as one so forget about all that racism talk," he said.

Naipaul could not be reached for a comment yesterday as several calls to his mobile phone went unanswered.

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