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RGE Artist of the Month ? July 2004

RGE: How did you get the name ?Phantom??

Phantom: Back in the day when I was in high school, I used to imitate this guy called Papa Richie. He had a song called ?Phantom in the Jungle Fighting.? One day they did the song on battery and then we played it back on electric current, and it was going so fast that all the kids could hear was ?Phantom! Phantom! Phantom!? From that day, the name stuck with me. At first, I didn?t like it, but after I realized I couldn?t fight the whole school because everybody started calling me Phantom, I figured that I might as well turn it into something.

RGE: When and how did you get started?

Phantom: I got started at school. I was always the guy who always liked to be up front. When I was a kid, I used to try to sneak and sing in the choir. I didn?t have the voice to sing, so I decided to change it, and that?s when I became dj. There was a little concert at school and the kids thought I was a shy guy and wanted me to go up. Everybody loved it from there on. It just became something I dreamed about.

RGE: How would you describe your style?

Phantom: My style is more suitable for the ladies. I?m more versatile. I?m a little laid back. A little story telling. But then I can be on the other side more aggressive. In between laid back and hype. That?s a good description of my style. That?s the best way I can explain it.

RGE: How do you feel about the way the people of Detroit have responded to you and your music?

Phantom: I feel real good regarding the response I have gotten back from the people. There are a lot of things that can improve as far as the music in Detroit. The promoters in the city have to give more respect to the entertainers in the city. Don?t classify everybody as the same. They are different. The response I get from the people I love it! I can?t complain. It?s pretty good.

RGE: How do you feel the promoters classify the reggae artists?

Phantom: They classify us as ?local? artists. The give us that title as being ?local artists.? However, we should get more respect than just being based on a local factor. What I mean is that when they put on shows and they have local talent, its like we?re not really part of the show. We go on before the show even starts whether people are there or not. I think that?s very disrespectful in a lot of different ways. Its good for your name, but its disrespectful to your performance. How can you perform before the show starts?

RGE: What artists have you collaborated with and how did you like working with them?

Phantom: I got to go way back. I?ve done stuff with Lt. Stitchie, Professor Nuts, my boy Teflon, Sugar Minot. Its so many names! Gregory. Anybody you can think of in reggae business and the dancehall scene, I have done stuff with. Frankie Paul. I enjoy working with those people because being that they are already a full force in the business. They support me because I?m trying to get on their status.

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