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June - Artist of the Month
Extreme Sound
Buffulo & Mr. Mikes (pronounced ?Meeks?)

RGE: Who makes up Extreme Sound and how did you come together?

Buffulo: Basically he [Mr. Mikes] was the man who started the sound itself. It was another name before until we came up with the name Extreme. We were driving and he said what about the name Extreme, and mi say, Yah Mon!

RGE: How long have you been ?Extreme??

Mr. Mikes: The sound itself has been around for about seven years now, but we?ve been using the name Extreme for only about a year.

Buffulo: We had never specified what name we were going to use. At that time we were going to use the name Spectrum.

RGE: How long have you been djing?

Buffulo: Long time! Ever since I?ve known myself, I?ve been djing.

Mr. Mikes: I?ve been djing since I was 8 or 9 years old. I was djing, going to dancehalls, and hiding from my mom (laughing)! So, I know the music and I know what its all about.

RGE: How long have you been djing in Detroit, seven years?

Buffulo: Yeah. Basically it was a basement thing. We were underground until we decided to jump out.

RGE: What makes Extreme Sound different from any other sound?

Mr. Mikes: Well, time and dedication to the music. That what differentiates us from other people and other sounds, because of the time we put into it. Our sound plays more like the real Jamaican sound.

Buffulo: We?re strictly dancehall.

RGE: How are you different than other Detroit sounds?

Mr. Mike: Well, the sounds in Detroit are more into the radio style of music, which is not a bad thing.

RGE: The more popular music?

Mr. Mikes: Right. But what we?re trying to do is bring the reggae Jamaican style - hardcore, back to Detroit. Right now, it?s kind of smoothed out, and different from what we know. That?s not how it?s supposed to be. That?s not how we know it. We?re just trying to do things the original way from Jamaica.

RGE: Do you feel that Detroit sounds have their own sound as a whole? If so, how would you describe it?

Buffulo: Definitely no. Detroit sounds don?t have different sounds. They all play alike. It?s just one thing ? the radio thing all the way. I don?t see no changes. That?s why we?re trying to bring something different to the atmosphere.

RGE: Who is your favorite sound and reggae artist?

Buffulo: From the olden days Peter Tosh, Bob Marley. You know, foundation men. Buju, Capleton, Merciless, Admiral Bailey.

Mr. Mikes: Shabba Ranks

Buffulo: Sean Paul and Elephant Man right now.

RGE: What about your favorite sounds?

Mr. Mikes: My favorite sounds from back a yard are Stone Love, Metro Media, and Bodyguard.

Buffulo: Jamrock and Classique.

Mr. Mikes: These men help set the way a sound is supposed to be.

RGE: Who is your favorite sound in Detroit?

Buffulo: Well we don?t really have a favorite sound. Right now Infinity, Roots Rock, Conquerors, and Untouchables are alright.

Mr. Mikes: Extreme!

Buffulo: Right! As my partner said, Extreme!

RGE: Have you ever been in a clash? If so, with who?

Buffulo: I was in a clash, but not as Extreme. I was spinning alone. It was one night down at Trenchtown, and I won the trophy.

RGE: What do you think about World Clash 2003 and other events just like it?

Buffulo: I would like to be a part of it! That?s what we?re working for right now. But we would like to start from Detroit first. We?ll kill off everybody in Detroit first and then we?ll go from there.

RGE: So you would like to be in a clash here in Detroit with all the other sounds? RGE will be collaborating with all the Detroit sounds to put a clash together soon.

Buffulo: Yeah, and then do what we need to do to get in the World Clash.

RGE: Who do you think will be your biggest competitor?

Buffulo: Well, we?re not trying to threaten anybody right now. We?re born bad, so we?re bad all the way.

RGE: What sound would you like see come to Detroit?

Mr. Mikes: For one, I?m tired of Stone Love in Detroit right now. I don?t want to see Stone Love again in Detroit. I would like to see sounds like Metro Media and Body Guard, but Metro Media has been here before, too.

Buffulo: I would like to see Panta come to Detroit. It would be great to see Mighty Crown come. Those guys are good. I would also like to Matterhorn one more time.

RGE: Where are you from?

Buffulo: I am from St. Thomas off the border of Kingston.

Mr. Mikes: I am from Kingston.

RGE: Isn?t there another part of your group on Jamaica?

Buffulo: Yes. We trying to form an Extreme sound down there, too.

RGE: What could other sounds do to increase the reggae vibe in Detroit?

Mr. Mikes: Unity is number one. We need to come together as reggae sounds and as a reggae community to increase the reggae vibe in Detroit. That?s the first thing we have to do to bring the reggae forth like it?s supposed to come forth.

RGE: Where can our readers go to hear you play?

Buffulo: We?ve played up in Lansing a couple of times. Right now, we?re trying to get something set up at Victory One for Saturday nights. We going to have different sounds come in and play.

RGE: What would you like the people to know about Extreme?

Buffulo: Just to hold their heads up and know that we when we are ready, we?re coming. We?re going to kick some people out of the way and do what we have to do.

Mr. Mikes: I want Detroit people to know that this ain?t no joke thing when it comes to reggae music. Extreme is coming up now, and we know all about the music. We are going to bring the music that they want to hear, because a lot of people here are still screaming for the old music and they?re not getting it. When they come to hear Extreme play, they are going to hear some good music.

Buffulo: And we don?t follow anybody! We set our own trends. We make certain it?s done the way its supposed to be done.

For Extreme booking information, please call:

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