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RGE Artist of the Month ? May 2004
By: Leslie Heron New World Promotions


RGE and others had the privilege of seeing the finest of Detroit?s dancehall dj?s along with the princess of Dancehall-OMIEL. Which included King Arubis, Culture Homie, DJ Phantom of Infinity Sounds, and to everyone?s surprise New World Promotion?s own Leslie Heron. These performers lit up the stage with there hot lyrics.
The youngest and upcoming reggae star Omeil also know as Jamaica?s Princess of Reggae performed her new smash hit ?HOT GIRL?, from her debut album REGGAE SWEETHEART off the Terrelonge recordings label. She even broke out with some new dancehall moves.

To top of this star studded evening, music was provided by Infinity Sounds along with DJ Killa. Both who where recipients of the 2004 SourceNews Music and Cultural awards for best sound system and best sound dj, respectively.

Passa Passa Sunday at the Comfort Zone, which began in late March 2004, has been creating a way for local dancehall/reggae artist to get more exposer. This night has been the biggest yet; previous Sunday?s have included sounds like, Extreme Sound, and Untouchable Sound. Leslie who promotes Passa Passa feels that it is important for the community to support our local talent. RGE had a chance to sit down and talk with the man himself of New World Promotions, Leslie Heron.
RGE: Anyone who has been to a dancehall party in Detroit was more than likely at an event given by Leslie of New World Promotions. Please tell us about New World and exactly how long have you been around?

Leslie: Well, New World Promotions has been around for about 10 years. I got started with the help of Don of Don Promotions of Chicago. We held our first dance at the Majestic Theater with the Mighty Travelers Sound from Jamaica. It was created to enhance the culture and vibe in the city of Detroit. New World strives to provide hard-core reggae music for the people.

RGE: You are one of the most prominent promoters in the city of Detroit.
Why do you think you stand out among all the rest?

Leslie: Because I strive to bring only the best in reggae/dancehall entertainment.

RGE: What do you consider are the essentials for making a successful event?
Leslie: Advertising! You have to promote and promote early. Try to maintain a low cost, and try to involve as many local sound systems or local djs as possible.

RGE: What do you consider to the best dance you ever given?
Leslie: The best dance I ever gave was the Border Clash at Victory One with Infinity, Roots Rock, Conquerors, and Wizz International in 1997.

RGE: How is promoting dancehall events different than planning other events?
What details do you have to be more or less particular about when catering to dancehall/ reggae lovers?

Leslie: Dancehall listeners are more critical of who?s playing unlike other forms of reggae listeners who just want to listen to reggae. Dancehall listeners are more in tune with the music and they expect for the sound systems to be more mindful of the dancehall listeners.

RGE: What about the notion that dancehall functions start late?

Leslie: Our parties? start late because of our cultural up bringing in Jamaica where it is common for people to show up late. But people have to keep in mind that we are in another country and we have different laws. Therefore, dancehall patrons should arrive earlier so they can participate longer.

RGE: How do you compare the dancehall vibe here in Detroit to other cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami, and how do you feel Detroit can get to that level?

Leslie: I think that Detroit has not yet achieved the level that exists in those cities. Detroit is not the Mecca for Caribbean nationals migrating to the U.S. I think with time and over crowding of other cities, Detroit will achieve the level of those cities.

RGE: There is a rumor going around that you may be retiring from promoting. How true is that and if so, why are you quitting?

Leslie: It is true. I plan on retiring in October. Some of you may know that I have been pursuing a Law degree while promoting. And I?ll be graduating in a few months. Because of the commitment to the practice of law, I will no longer have the time or energy to promote. I will, however, maintain my presents in the dancehall community, and will be available for consultations.

RGE: Every Sunday, you have Dancehall/ Reggae night at the Comfort Zone. How is that going and what can people expect to see when they come?

Leslie: Passa Passa Sundays is going pretty well. It?s getting better and better every Sunday. People can expect a very clean up to date club environment. They can hear the very best in reggae music provided by Infinity Sound and various local djs.

RGE: Tell us about and how you started it?

Leslie: I noticed during the time that I have been doing promoting, that there has never been a medium for Detroit to search for reggae information via the Internet. I started as a means for people to get information on what?s happening in the Detroit reggae community. I also wanted to provide a medium where people can voice their opinion or receive commentary on events they have missed, as well as providing info on local sounds systems, clubs, restaurants, food stores, and music stores.

RGE: Also, I think the people should know that not only are you a promoter, you are also the proprietor of New World Graphics. Tell us about it.

Leslie: New world graphics has been around for about 5 years. I provide graphic and printing services for many in the Detroit and surrounding areas. I primarily do design and printing for flyers, business cards, and menus, clothing stores, etc. Don?t worry; New World Graphics will continue to be in existence. So anyone who will need graphic assistance should still call.

RGE: What else do you have in the works for 2004?

Leslie: Well, Memorial weekend, I plan on bringing a clash between Infinity and Wicked Face Sound from Chicago. This promises to be a clash between two heavy weight sounds! I also plan on having my graduation bash which will feature Stone love, Berry G, and Turbo Phonics in October.

RGE: Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Leslie: New World Promotions would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the 10 years, especially to all the sound systems who have provided music for all of my events. Special thanks also to all the restaurants, food stores, and music stores who have displayed my flyers throughout the years. And most of all, thanks to you, the dancehall public, for coming out and supporting all of my events. I sincerely hope that with my departure, others will step up and continue the legacy that I started.

RGE: Well, Leslie you don?t have to worry about that. We will surely continue the Legacy for you.

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