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Leslie Heron

DRC: Hi Selebrity how are you?
Sel: Doing good, been busy getting ready for
the Dancehall Queen Competition in Ja.
DRC: Welcome back to Detroit
Sel: Thanks.
DRC: First let me start out by asking you
how you got into dancing & how long
have you been doing it.
Sel: I got involved going to the parades,
going to different reggae clubs,
especially Splendor International & Page
DRC: You were given the title of Dancehall Queen
back in 2004-2005
This caused some controversy in the reggae
community do you believe you were
treated fairly?
Sel: Not really, everyone has the right to their
own opinion, however, the unfairness
came from people saying negative things
about me, but not stepping up to the
plate. I felt like if they hated me that
much then why didn?t they step up and be a
DRC: As a DHQ where have you been or toured?
Sel: I competed in the DHQ competition in
Windsor, the East Coast Competition in
Washington, where I got to the second
round. Chicago Midwest DHQ
Competition where I placed second. The
Detroit DHQ competition and of course
the International DHQ Competition in
DRC: You recently had a child was it a boy or
Sel: Boy
DRC: And how is he doing?
Sel: Fine, he just turned 1 year old.
DRC: Your pregnancy forced you to take some time
off from the dancehall circuit,
what made you decide to come back?
Sel: For the love of it. Not sure if it was a
competitive thing, but something sparked
that competitive nature in me to want to
DRC: We were all surprised when you showed up
at ?Yardie Yankie Link-Up?
what made you decide that this dance would
be your return?
Sel: No particular reason or crew just wanted to
see what was going on plus my son
was a year older so I felt more comfortable
coming out.
DRC: Since your departure there have been a
number of dance crews that has emerged.
What do you think of the dance crews now in
Sel: They are very entertaining- they have a lot
to offer the city. They are full of vibes
and talent. Many people were sleeping on
Detroit, but now they will wake up.
DRC: What is your current take on the feud
between Nocturnal Crew and Glamour
Sel: Didn?t know there was a feud.
DRC: Has there been any animosity shown to you
by any of the dance crews?
Sel: Yes-incident at Trenchtown, said I attacked
someone, but that wasn?t the case.

DRC: Now, at the first Detroit DHQ contest, how
did you rate your performance?
Sel: I thought my performance was good, sexy and
DRC: Can you describe what you wore and what
inspired it?
Sel: I wanted to imitate a ninja, because I came
to kill!!. Represented by the hood, gun
etc. I also had on body paint part of
which was a butterfly. With the caliber of
talent I knew I had to fight to regain my
DRC: Unfortunately the contest ended abruptly
had it played its course, how do you
believe you would have done?
Sel: Would have had the same result as the
second. Especially if people had seen the
other moves I would have done.
DRC: You won the second Detroit DHQ contest. But
not without some controversy.
Some say that the Reggae Gurlz ?Gave it to
you? Is this true, and do you believe
you were treated fairly.
Sel: RGE wasn?t the judges. Based on creativity
& routine I believe I did the best.
DRC: How was your visit to Jamaica, and what was
the experience like at the
International Dancehall Queen Contest?
Sel: I was so excited, so many mixed emotions
very overwhelmed. They were over
50 girls from all over the world and all
were so talented.
DRC: How did the crowd react to your performance?
Sel: They reacted well, I didn?t get booed or
anything. I felt I danced ok, but
definitely could have done better.
DRC: Are you ready to defend your crown and is
there anyone in Detroit that you feel
has a good chance of defeating you?
Sel: Not sure if I want to defend the crown yet,
but Empress, Blackberry & Ms.
Jamaica would be the closest competitors to
take my crown..
DRC: IS RGE your current manager?
Sel. Not sure if it?s a management thing. I?m
more so on my own now.
DRC: Well thanks for spending time with and best of luck for the
Sel. Thanks, for taking the time out. Just want
to say thanks to RGE , Big Head all
the Detroit Dancers and everybody who loves
and respects me.

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