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TEFLON aka Mr. Mutton - JANUARY 2005 RGE Artist of the Month

RGE: How did you get the name Teflon FKA Mr. Mutton?

Teflon: I got my name while I was in the studio singing for my good friend, Bounty Killa.

RGE: Where and how did you get started?

Teflon: I started my career while attending school singing at a school concert, when my friend told me to pursue a career in music.

RGE: Well, it looks like you really listened to his advice. How would you describe your style of music? From whom do you draw your inspiration when writing songs?

Teflon: I describe my music as upliftment to the youths. I got my inspiration from Shabba Ranks.

RGE: Do you have a CD out?

Teflon: My debut CD is coming March 2005. It is produced by Slightly Stupid from San Diego, California.

RGE: Tell us about your current tour with Terry Ganzie.

Teflon: My current tour is coming up with Terry Ganzie. We will be in California touring 3 cities, New Mexico, Oakland, and San Francisco.

RGE: How would you describe the response Detroit gives to new and upcoming reggae artists? We know that you are back and forth from here to New York. How does New York?s response to new and upcoming artists differ from Detroit?s?

Teflon: The way I would describe the response Detroit gives to new up coming artist is warm and welcoming, but in NYC its different. It?s more rowdy and mean. They throw bottles on stage at you!

RGE: Whoa! Kind of sounds like Amateur Night at the Apollo! What do you feel needs to be done to boost the reggae vibe here in Detroit?

Teflon: What I think needs to be done to boost the reggae in Detroit is more reggae clubs on radio stations.

RGE: That?s an interesting idea. Where other than Detroit and New York have you performed, any international places?

Teflon: I have performed in California, Miami, Baltimore, etc.

RGE: How do you feel about the recent anti-gay protest against reggae artist and does it affect your music and lyrics?

Teflon: The way I feel about the anti-gay protests against reggae is that they should go look some pussy and leave us the fuck alone. I am not the one to judge, so I leave it to God.

RGE: It seems like we hit a sensitive spot. What do you have in store for 2005?

Teflon: For 2005, its just love and respect on my CD dropping. Keep your head up don?t for get to give thanks to God. Big up my friends in Detroit, Phantom, Infinity Crew, Popie, Dread, Pam. Leslie, Fred, my two sons Marten and Marcus, and Trenice, my baby mama. Big up all who I forgot to big up. Blessed.
Teflon FKA Mr. Mutton.

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