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It was 1am when detroitreggaesource arrived inside Victory One. Inside a crowd of about 60 to 70 people had already gathered, the crowd would grow to over 150. Most everyone followed the theme of all white. Those who couldn't wear all white had a combination of white and black or some other variation. There was no prize this year for the best dressed, although I knew I would win, me suit did a kill dem. Anyway, music was by Infinity sounds and Fire Kid from Tampa, Florida. Both sounds played well Infinity started the juggling with a good combination of old and new tunes it was clear however, that the crowd seem to prefer the older tunes than that of the new. Fire Kid took the mic at approximately 3am and after some brief introductions began his set. He started out with with some good old fashion foundation tunes, Denni Brown "love and Hate" and such forth. This got the people in in a good vibe. He would then follow with some 90's dancehall and then into the more newer music of today. At one point he told the crowd that' "You might not know these tunes, but just gwaan rock and listen" he would then play 20 minutes of new tunes and then handed over to Infinity. Infinity increased the tempo with a good combination of foundation, dancehall and R&B. I was very dissapointed however, that Fire Kid did not play many dubs, in fact I only heard two dubs all night. Don't these sounds know that Detroit is a dub town.

In any event it was a good Dance. Big up to Jonna for keeping this dance every year. We the dancehall patrons appreciate your efforts.

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