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Every year at this time I keep a dance in Detroit called Dance or Die it is a combination juggling dance with a clash element at the end. This is the 7th year and in years past there has been sounds like Black Kat & Killaface, Souljah One & Killaface, Trooper & Lp, Trooper & Turbophonic, Killaface & Shashamane etc. This year was one of the most highly anticipated because for the 1st time Detroiters would witness a sound from Japan. It was a night filled with much hype Yardbeat started out the juggling with a combination of foundation tunes, 90's tunes and up to the current. The girls loved them at one point Decem found himself with a girls leg wrapped around his waist, he handled it well, trust me. LP was also in top form bringing juggling to new heights.

After the juggling ended the war started. Lp & Yardbeat would go head to head in tune fe tune which lasted for over an hour and a half. Dubs were flying from left to right and the clash starved Detroiters were more than pleased to see two champion sounds going head to head to see who can play the better dubs. As far as who won I'll let you the listening public decide. But I will say based on what I heard these two sounds have a very bright future. Early juggling was by Detroit's Infinity Sound and Windsor's SOHype Sound

As a matter of fact Andrew Digital it nuh too late fe add LP & Yradbeat run whey Barrier Free, Yard beat a gwaan a way yah know. CD#3 CD#2 CD#1

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