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It was high pack energy inside Victory One when some of Detroit's best dj's performed for an estatic audience. Starz in Action featured , Jah Teff, Phantom, King Arubis, *(Cisco Irie, Scorpion, Sexy Rush, Doegla, Shabba, & Channel) - added to the show later. Music was proved by Infinity Sound, Killa and Smugglaz Sound out of NewYork. Infinity kicked off the juggling with a good mix of old and new school, Killa did the same, however, Smugglaz would only play 10min and would never play again.

1st to perform was King Arubis he did well with a good delivery of hardcore culture and gal tunes. He received quite a few forwards during his performance. Jah Teff, a veteran of the dancehall kept the tempo with some some hardcore gun tunes, gal tunes and even cultural tunes. Phantom, always explosive, had the crowd crying for more. His biggest forward would come however, when he brought Sexy Rush on stage to perform a duet. Their tune "Money me want, Pussy me want' received at least 4 forwards at one point they had to beg the crowd to let them finish the tune. Channel, Doegla, Scorpion, Cisco Irie and shabba all performed well and each receive forwards. The crowd was hoping for a Channel and Sexy Rush clash but that was not to happen maybe next time.

There were also some awards that were given out. M. Julien the host for the night received "Best Radio Personality" Reggae Gurlz received "Best Promoters" Phantom "Best Artist" OC Roberts "Outstanding Acheivement Award" and King Arubis "best New Artist".

Although attendance was low, only 100 in attendance, those that supported the event had a wonderful time.

Just want to say big up for all who performed and hope to see another show soon.

PS see the pics in our photo gallery

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