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It was one of those dances that any hardcore dancehall fanatic would hate to miss. It was the first oldschool rub a dub dance held in Detroit in quite some time. The dance was originally between LP & Infinity Sound but I received a call from my good friend Panta from Black kat Sound and he was subsequently added to the dance. Early juggling was provided by Underground Sound. Strictly Roots music was scheduled to play but was unable to make it because of a prior engagement. Lp started out like a sound possessed no 45's were played in his round, he played dubs by Little John, Garnet Silk Wayne wonder and Buju and LP's anthems Ninjaman & Bounty killa in combination. His round went well with many forwards throughout his round.

Black kat was next. Panta started out his round with mainly new tunes, i had to tell him that this was a oldschool party and he subsequently played a few older tunes but mainly kept to the new tunes. Infinity came in next and did a good job in playing a good mix of 45's and and dubs letting Black kat and Lp know he wasn't there to play around. With dubs from Mad Cobra "Pres trigga" Junior Cat "A dead u ago dead" Junior Demus "Detroit a deh Infinity come from" and Sizzla. When Lp came back in it was clear that the war was on. Big dubs from Bounty, Ninja Papa San, Lt. stitchie drove the crowd wild. He made no apology in calling Black kat and Infinity to defend themselves. The 5 Star General was drawn into the war somewhat although he said he didn't want to war. Panta went into a round of nothing but big dubs from Black Kat's arsenal that made the crowd go wild. His biggest forward came when he played Black kat's signature dub from Yuncie & Chronicle. Infinty came in and did well, but failed to provide the energy that LP had displayed. During his round Infinity made a fatal mistake when most in the audience accused him of playing a fake dub by Jimmy Cliff when in fact the dub was done by Hopeton James, he still received a big forward. It was clear by this point that LP had clear control of the dance and when they came back inn they played some of the biggest dubs you have ever heard.

The turnout for the dance was low by most standards only about 100 or so people turned out. Hopefully the attendance at these dances will increase. Thanks to everyone who attended. Hope to see you at Dance or Die 6.

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