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It was 1:30am when detroitreggaesource entered the Victory One Social Club. Inside a 175 hardcore dancehall fans were already getting into the groove. Infinity provided the early juggling. They played well giving the dancehall fanatics everything from old to new. Ricky Trooper arrived at about 1:45 and by his deameanor you know he came to work. Infinity would finish his set and then it was time for the Sound Trooper, but before he came on we were given a musical treat by songtress Lisa B. Lisa performed about 4 songs each delivering a harmonious blend of R&B & culture. She received big forwards for her effort. Trooper started out with some strong culture tunes including Sizzler's "Rise to the occassion" Luciano and Bushman to name a few. he then changed the pace and played some good old fashion rock and roll including "One o'clock, 2o'clock rock", "like a Virgin", "I say yeah' and so on. The girls went crazy, rags were waving, girls screaming, walls banging and horns blaring. Trooper then changed the pace and went into the newer tunes incuding the Gaza god himself Vybz kartell, he then played some Mavado, Bounty Killa, Bugle and so on the dance went crazy. After this Trooper brought back Infinity. Infinity kept the hype going with more hype dance tunes, Everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time. When Trooper came in he told the crowd that "me have fe big up de bad man dem to" and started playing some kartell on dubs, a brief Bounty medley on the answer rhythm and much more. When he went back to the dance tunes the girls got crazy. In fact they were having such a good time that Trooper told one girl to show her breast. "You know we have a little freak inna we, soh baby show you breast dem" she never actually took her out her breast much to my dismay just sort of held them up for all to see. After this round was done it was the much anticipated clash between Trooper and Infinity.

Trooper started first, he played a wicked Bushman, "fire pon a weak sound" to a big forward. He would have to play about 5 more tunes because Infinity couldn't get his laptop to start up. Trooper made the funniest speech of the night when he said,"Wappen Infinity the computer scared, it fraid a de Trooper" horns started blaring and much laughter filled the air. Infinity would finally get his computer started and would play some big dubs. They included Culture "Jah, Jah see dem a come" and Tony Tuff, both received big forwards. Infinity surprisingly didn't back from the "great Trooper" in fact at one time telling Trooper that "his tunes is good but dem nuh great if a him afe pull up de tune and a nuh de people dem a pull up de tune". Infinity would make one big mistake in the clash however, by challenging Trooper to play a new Bounty Killa, since Trooper had been playing mainly old killa's alll night. After Infinity played a new Bounty and received a big forward, Trooper surprised Infinity by drawing a a brand new Bounty which also got a big forward. Both sounds did well, who won is up to the people that were there to decide, but big up Infinity for holding up the torch and making Detroit proud.

Big up Brownin on helping to maintain the cultural vibes in Detroit your efforts are very muchappreciated

PS: see pics in our picture gallery

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