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A capacity crowd of over 200 packed inside the Elementz Gallery for this the 5th year of Dance or Die . Dancers from Toledo, Detroit and Canada came out to show their skills at the latest dance moves. Early juggling was provided by Roots Rock, DJ Killa, Zuma Hi-Fi & King Harmony. All did well, especially Zuma Hi-Fi who received many forwards for his mix of Culture, Soca and Foundation tunes. The stars of the show were none other than Ricky Trooper & the legendary LP Intl. from NY. Lp started first playing a good mix of early 90's tunes, which included tunes from the Showtime rhythm LP then went into more newer tunes much to the delight of the dancing fraternity. The fraternity included Glamm & Tia from Dollfaces, Diamond from Toledo, George Straight & the Movie Star Crew. The star of the dancing showcase however, was a 3 foot tall midget, who by all accounts stole the show. He at one point took off his shirt, showing his small muscular frame, he began to simulate sex acts on Glamm and other female dancers much to everyone's enjoyment.

Ricky Trooper was next he started his round with some cultural tunes which delighted the many older dancehall fans that were in attendance. He then progressed to more newer, daggering tunes and then went into some old school R&B. During this time Wesley Snipes, the actor, suddenly came in. We were all surprised to see him as we would never have thought that a person of his calibre would come to a dancehall event. Wesley actually partied until 4am in the morning. He danced with many of the girls there. (see the pics in our picture gallery)

LP came back in with some old foundation tunes, including Half Pint's "Greeting" a few Luciano's and even Louie Culture's "Gangster & Hills and Valley" he then went into the some newer tunes. By this time it was time for the clash.

Trooper went first, they both played Bounty fe Bounty, then they went Gaza and played Kartel fe Kartell it was a good clash with most giving the win to LP.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who attended Dance or Die 5, and I hope to see you all next year. Big - Up to RGE & Brownin without your help this event could not have been a success. Big Up also to M. Julien & B. Tomsic for all the radio support. And to everyone who helped out-Bless up

PS. Big up also to Wesley Snipes, who brought star power to our event hope to see you there next year.

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