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Sounds of the Caribbean filled the air provided by Blackstar International and WD Productions as the passengers boarded the boat. They were immediately greeted with the smells of an assortment of food consisting of Jerk Chicken, Jerk BBQ, Curry Goat, Oxtails, Peas and Rice, Plantain , and Curry shrimp. There was also a Fruit Salad provided by International Emporium Restaurant located in Tropical Hut. This Fruit Salad was on both decks of the boat and was truly a culinary delight. There were also deserts including cheesecake, chocolate cake and pound cake in 3 flavors.

The boat was decorated in red, yellow and green colors along with balloons from a birthday celebration that was taking place on the boat. Each table in the VIP section near the stage also had fresh cut live flowers in vases.

The Diamond Belle set off on the Detroit River and the band Universal Xpression began to play. The guests ate, and it was not long before the lower deck was filled with dancing. The weather was perfect…sunshine and blue skies. Some if the passengers chose to go on the deck of the second and third levels of the boat as they listened to the band play. There were quite a few give-aways including Dinner for 2 at various restaurants, jewelry, sports bottles, etc. (See attached list of sponsors).

The overall atmosphere was simply beautiful and there was a 100% positive vibe. This was truly the best boat ride yet and as the sun set and the boat docked, the need for another boat ride was soon on everyone’s mind.

There will be another cruise scheduled on Sept. 4th 2009. See you then!!

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