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It was almost 1:30am when arrived inside Elementz gallery. Inside a modest crowd of about 130 people had already assembled. music was provided by, Roots Rock Sound, Forenzic Unit, New Horizon (Cleveland) &, Dj Crispy. DJ Wiz from Toronto was scheduled to appear, but was unable to because of problems crossing the border. By the time I arrived Roots rock was on the wheels of Steel. They started out with some older jiggy, jiigy tunes which did well to get the vibes flowing. Dj Crispy, who had played earlier, a relative newcomer to our family, played a good mix of culture and foundation tunes. After Roots Rock finished their older 80's/ 90's tunes they went into the newer music better known as the daggering tunes. The dancers went wild. They were dancers as far away as Rochester NewYork. They were the Twins, from Brooklyn NewYork, Jiggy Vibes Dancers, from Rochester, NewYork, Coogi and lady Nikki, from NewYork, Karmen with a K, the Minneapolis DHQ, Diamond, Toledo's DHQ, Gloria and Crew from Cleveland, The Movie Star Crew, from Detroit and George Straight and the B/Day Girl Destiny. All the dancers were having a good time the boys from NewYork however, seem to have done much better than our crews from Detroit. They seemed much more up to date with the new dances and seemed much more coordinated.

The women were great, at one point Empress got on top the speaker boxes and it must have been the grace of God that she didn't fall off. Rudy Mac dared "any man fe go pon top a de sparker dem wid ar" no one dared. Destiny, who most of you know has recurring cancer showed no signs of her illness. She did her signature head top move and at one point layed on the floor as one of the dancers got on top of her and started to grind her, not to be out done by the man she flipped him over and got on top of him, let me just say a de wickedest ride him ever get.

However, while the dancers were having lots of fun, most people were just standing around watching, some even went to the back room to talk and whatever else. Especially the few white people we had in the dance. The reason was clear, every sound that came on played daggering music all night long. From the time I walked in at 1:30am to the time the dance was over at 5am it was all daggering. At no point after 1:30 was there any foundation or cultural tunes played. These selectors have to realize that the dance does not consist of only daggering dancers., there are other older dancehall fans that want to hear more than just the hype tunes. All in all it was a nice dance, big up to the promoters and all that helped to put on this event.

Roots Rock Sound and Destiny wants to thank everyone for coming out to her 40 Birthday bash. I peronally want to congratulate Destiny on her 40th Birthday and I wish her a hundred more.

PS any concerns/question about the dance please contact roots rock Sound at 734-730-8875 or email

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