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I was so surprised when I arrived at Victory One at around 1:30am to see so many cars parked outside. Snow had been falling all day in Detroit which made driving dangerous. Dancehall fans were not to be denied this night as almost 160 people turned out for this event. Infinity Sounds with sel. Paul & Kirk did the early rounds. Infinity by far is one the best sounds to come out of Detroit. Infinity played a good mix of culture tunes with dubs from I Wayne and Luciano the crowd inside was hollering for more. Infinty then went into some older dance hall tunes featuring artist like Baby Cham, Beenie, Tanya Stevens etc. The crowd reacted well to the mixes.

Infinity walked away at around 2:30 and One Blood Sound out of Chicago took over. One Blood wasted no time in getting to the Daggering. After a few Mavado's and Serani's which drew big forwards it was time for the dancers to start the daggering. Absent from the dance was the DHQ Selebrity but her protege Glam picked up the slack. Dressed in high boots and "Panties" with Glam written on the back she took over the dance floor. At one point one of the sel. from One Blood stood on top of a chair while Glam laid on the floor with her legs spread apart. The sel. jumped off the chair right on top of Glam I thought for sure she was dead. She got up and was right back at it. Chicago dance crews was in the house as well. Lady Poochie, Famous Family did their thing. They along with George Straight showed us the Gully Creeper and other new and old dances.

The women I must say were dressed to kill. The majority of the women that were there wore tall boots. They were all very sexy. The prize for best boots went to a girl that was dressed in all white with very tall boots. See picture in our gallery. Big up Trisha your boots was hot as well. (look like you lost some weight as well, looking good girl)Sweetness them purple boots did a kill dem to.

The dance went well especially after all the snow that fell. I do have two complaints however. I am anxious to know why One Blood did not play one dub plate all night. I remember the monumental clash between Katarock and One Blood, where although One Blood lost the clash Nuts brandished some heavy dubs. So I know One Blood has many dubs. This juggling 45 thing all through the dance has to stop. What about the bad man dem, it would have been good of One Blood to lock the 45 shop and play dubs near the end of the dance at the very least, mix them in during the dance.

Second, this new dance phenomenon known as daggering has to stop. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed by someone jumping off the elevated platforms onto someone lying on the floor. I can't understand why anyone finds this entertaining. lets bring back the good dance hall days when a man and a woman actually danced together.

See pics of the dance in our photo gallery


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