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Portmore residents have lashed out against a lesbian club said to operating in the municipality and are adamant that they do not want any such club or activity in their community.

Recently, in a local Sunday newspaper, a man placed an advertisement for girls between 18 and 30 years old to form a lesbian club named 'Circle Square' in Portmore. However, this did not gone down well with the residents of the municipality.

"Not under God's earth! God don't want that at all ... It's abominable in God's sight. I'm pleading to them don't let that come off the ground," the Reverend Elisha Thomas, a pastor in Portmore, said. "They must remember that it was homosexuality that brought the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah."

woman to man

Mark Smith from Portsmouth was angry in his remarks. "No sah! That cah gwan eno. We lick out pan things like that. Me seh, man to a woman and woman to man. Woman to woman cah work," he stated.

"Brimstone and fire pan them," a Rastafarian man yelled when quizzed about this particular club.

One woman who requested anonymity said that recently she was approached by six women who were trying to persuade her to attend a party which caters to women only. The woman sent them on their way, but not before one of the women, a thick lady with a husky male voice, said: "It nuh done yet, me must get yu'. They quickly walked away as men, seeing the action, approached them.

The Portmore police said they have no knowledge of a lesbian club.

"The first time I heard of this club was in the Star newspaper. If we get any information about this club, you will be first to know," a senior officer at the Greater Portmore Police Station said.

highly religious city

When contacted, Mayor of Portmore, Keith Hinds, said that while he cannot tell people what their sexual preference should be, he is adamant that he will not tolerate lesbians showcasing their activities in the municipality. He requested that these people read their Bible which condemns such practices. "We must remind them that Portmore is a highly religious city and people will not think too keenly on things like these," he said.

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