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Rip the Runway Judges Overruled by Dissenting Crowd

Rip the Runway Judges Overruled by Dissenting Crowd

Reggae Source Magazine was in Detroit this past Saturday to bring their Rip the Runway Event along with Roots Rock promotions and This was an event, which included an all hot-ladies modeling and dance contest, which would help in Detroit's effort to be recognized on the dancehall reggae map.

Rolling Thunder Sound from Delaware was the guest sound for the evening. They tagged teamed with newcomers Underground Sound, and Detroit's own 45-clash champion Roots Rock Sound. Nuff respect to Roots Rock for recognizing and giving a tribute to the late MC Breed, a native Flint rapper well-known in the industry, who passed away of kidney failure earlier Saturday morning. Pam of, the hostess, began the show and introduced the judges. The panel included Trini, sporting a red turban favoring Sizzla, a hair stylist who does Black hair, Pam's daughter, and a art student from Wayne State.

The show then began with the modeling contest. The winner was to receive $500 and represent Detroit by being featured in a photo layout in Reggae Source Magazine. Contestants were Brownin, China Doll of the Glamour Girlz, Detroit's Dancehall Diva Empress, and a young lady named Britney.

Each lady took turns walking across the floor focusing their glide in front of the judges. They also answered pre-selected questions asked by the hostess like, "If you're chosen to be the Reggae Source poster girl how would you represent the community?" Each girl gave their example of what they would do. In the end, China Doll caught the interest of the judges and won the poster girl-modeling segment of the event.

The second portion of the evening consisted of a dance competition. Contestants included Detroit Dhq Selebrity, Glam of Doll Face crew, Detroit's Dancehall Diva Empress, and VI's Dhq Diamond from Toledo.

Selebrity was up first giving the crowd variations of the Gully Creepa. Glam came on the floor with much energy giving the crowd exotic styles and a little Hot Wuk. As seen by her facial expressions, Empress got right into it with her aerobic spicy moves. Diamond dazzled the crowd as she Tic-Tocked and Whined on her head top with perfection.

As the judges processed their votes, whispers swirled through the dancehall of who would be the top 2 to go head to head. When Selebrity and Empress were announced, the audience was unusually quiet. Pam, referencing a complaint, shouted, "I'm not a judge!? The two danced against each other, competitively yet friendly, as the crowd watched somberly.

Thunder (dj) took to the mic and said "no disrespect to the judges, but the crowd needs to get involved." He asked who all thinks Diamond should go head to head with Selebrity and Empress. Cheers filled the room and the music began as Diamond jumped on the dance floor and wowed the crowd once again. The hostess and panel of judges either did not seem to mind or was not aware of what had just taken place. Not to be outdone, Selebrity climbed the speaker boxes and reached to the top just as Diamond's dance time ended.

There was an unusual vibe as the dancing contestants and the on-lookers stood by, waiting in anticipation for what was to happen next. Thunder called out each dancer's name one by one to get a response from the crowd. The audience declared Diamond the winner. Judges overruled!

China Doll of the Glamour Girlz and VI's DHQ Diamond will represent Detroit in the December issue of the Reggae Source Magazine.

As an added bonus to end the night, MiChriss Clothing donated a pair of Gucci riding boots that were given away in raffle. George Straight, the Real Dancer, assisted Mimi from MiChriss as he pulled the winning ticket, who so happened to be an aide of the Rip the Runway Event, Gene aka Sweetness.

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!! China Doll, DHQ Diamond, and Sweetness.

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